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typewriter Southernghost Society has been arranging Ghost Hunts since 2010 and has built a reputation of running very professional and successful ghost hunt events throughout, the UK.

On this page we would like to share some of the views, opinions and feedback from our customers. We always welcome feedback on our events whether; itís good or not so good. We are always striving to continually improve the way our events are run and managed so feedback helps us achieve our goals.

On this page we have included some of the feedback / testimonials we have received. If you have attended one of our event and wish to leave us feedback, please click here.

Fort Purbrook 28 January 2012 

hi all first time i have been how great,the leaders were brilliant, angie made us feel at ease will definately be going again bringing some more people next time hope to see you all again thanks for a brilliant evening amanda john and leanne

Amanda Bateman
Fort Widley, Portsmouth 09 December 2011 

We Really Really enjoyed the event. The guys from Southern Ghost Society could not have been any more friendly and nice. It was our first ghost hunt and we were really looked after very well. The guys there are truthful about everything and didnt stage anything. They also have some great equipment and knowledge behind them. Fort Widley is a very creepy place with amazing history to it. We will 100% be planning another hunt with SGS as now we are hungry for more. Thanks guys see you soon from Sam, Kat, Sue, Barbara and linda

Sam Folland
The Hell-Fire Caves 10 September 2011 

This was my first hunt with the team...and wow what a night, while a group of us were using the board to communicate with the spirits, something pinched my bum, haha. then everyone heard a growl come from nowhere which freaked us all out, we even managed to catch it the video camera. I was dissapointed that we had to leave so early (2am) I could easily have stayed all night long. Cant wait to do it again

Damien Baker
Bursledon Brickworks 27 August 2011 

I had a great night with a great small team with many things happening and messages coming through. A couple of bangs and a dragging sound, also got a great blue orb upstairs, Photo to follow.

Simon Smith
Fort Widley, Portsmouth 08 July 2011 

Went to the fort on Friday night and thought it was amazing, I cant wait to go back! It was so big that you would need to go twice just to see everything. So much more to investigate there...looking forward to October!

Soph Howes
The Red Lion, Southampton 17 June 2011 

What a venue, a fantastic building steeped in history and very atmospheric. Plenty of orbs were seen on the screens and our group had an amazing experience with the douzing rods in the cellar and the communication which was recieved for a specific member of the team. I would definitely want to investigate the Red Lion again. I would like to see the briefing at the beginning of the ghost hunt kept for all events as I believe it helps the group focus on the investigation.

Kirstin Ashford
General Testimonial 

The first time I can actually say I saw a dark mass running past an inside window. Not only did I see it, but others in the group did at the same time. The whole team were together so absolutely no way it could have been anybody. We were locked in a very secure building and I still can't get my head around what I actually saw. This place has to be the most eventful place with lots of activity from hearing muffled, but definite conversations, doors opening and shutting, black masses around our heads, and all recorded in note form by both of our groups and validating exact times and experiences. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING.... NOW I WANT MORE.

Nicki Rogers
General Testimonial 

I have now attended 3 ghost hunting events with the group. I have been amazed with my experiences so far. On every event is well put together with just the right number of people so we all get a chance to use the equipment and we get a chance to really investigate each areas in depth. I am very impressed with the way they set out every investigation from the initial talk at the beginning to the de-brief at the end. Keep up the good work SGS.

david moores
The Old Beneficiary School Portsmouth 25 February 2011 

We had a brilliant night here with lots of activity using the glass and some really surprising and emotional happenings for some of our team. Deep breaths were heard in the costume room by myself and 2 other members which started things off, then moving into the main room downstairs and setting up a glass with just YES and No on paper, we had some really great responses to questions asked. One of our members was very affected and became very emotional, crying and shaking, but not at all feeling frightened or threatened at anytime, just very moved by the whole experience. Upstairs events got very personal when one of our members was contacted by his family, another very moving and personal time, and as I didn't know anything about him or his family I felt very intrusive to be there, but very fascinated by it all. I now feel I know a few of our members a lot better than I did before this event, which in itself is a good thing as we are building strong bonds of trust with each other. Thanks for another really great night.

Nicki Rogers
Explosion Museum at Priddy's Hard 29 January 2011 

Had such a brilliant time at explosion. My first time ghost hunting was very eventful and was made such fun by the amazing team well done guys!!! The experiences we had gave me such a buzz it was great! Well, some of them one inparticular scared me half to death tho. The grand mag was crazy. What i experienced in there i will never forget!!! Cant wait fot the next one, so excited x

Rachel Stephenson

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