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typewriter Southernghost Society has been arranging Ghost Hunts since 2010 and has built a reputation of running very professional and successful ghost hunt events throughout, the UK.

On this page we would like to share some of the views, opinions and feedback from our customers. We always welcome feedback on our events whether; itís good or not so good. We are always striving to continually improve the way our events are run and managed so feedback helps us achieve our goals.

On this page we have included some of the feedback / testimonials we have received. If you have attended one of our event and wish to leave us feedback, please click here.

Explosion Museum at Priddy's Hard 29 January 2011 

Having just watched Saints lose to Man U at St. Marys I hoped Explosion would be a good night, and I wasn't disappointed!! This was our first ghost hunt (me and hubby Paul) so I was trying not to expect too much, but I am now hooked and have a new hobby! :-) The groups are fantastically run and organised and we had lots of responses to the equipment - plus great fun. In the admin block a ouija board stirred things up and, with the help of more experienced ghost hunters in the grand mag, we were able to communicate and ask questions through radio waves....it was amazing - I swear we were told to 'get stuffed' - how rude! Ha ha. I've always believed in the paranormal but never really had an outlet so this was brilliant for me. I have booked on a few more events and am so glad I wasn't as scared as I thought!! Explosion is such a massive site and we could have spent many more hours there but hey, great reason to go back some day I guess! Thanks SGS. xx

Bev Angel
Bursledon Brickworks 09 October 2010 

I attended the 1st Southern Ghost Society event at Bursledon Brickworks, not knowing what really to expect. The event was well organised and supported, enabling us to split into 3 groups for the main part of the evening. I had a brilliant time-the other 'ghost hunters' were all good fun, and joined in the mood and activities with enthusiasm, encouraged by Dan, Lee & 'Dad' Gary. I am not sure what was experienced, but there was definitely something going on, and my expectations hugely exceeded! I would thoroughly recommend attending one of this Society's events, if you have the opportunity-one of the best night's entertainments I have had for ages-great value!!

Sue Stebbing
Bursledon Brickworks 09 October 2010 

Great fun, but got more scary as the evening progressed! Witnessed some amazing scenes, which until I saw and heard things for myself I would never of believed. Be prepared to be unprepared for the extraordinary explosion of mind boggling assaults on your senses.

General Testimonial 

I was very unsure about going on a ghost hunt but after going on one of your trips I have become completly hooked. I can not wait for the next event. I want to thank you all for making me welcome and for the smooth organisation making the evening most enjoyable

Mel Smith

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