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typewriter Southernghost Society has been arranging Ghost Hunts since 2010 and has built a reputation of running very professional and successful ghost hunt events throughout, the UK.

On this page we would like to share some of the views, opinions and feedback from our customers. We always welcome feedback on our events whether; itís good or not so good. We are always striving to continually improve the way our events are run and managed so feedback helps us achieve our goals.

On this page we have included some of the feedback / testimonials we have received. If you have attended one of our event and wish to leave us feedback, please click here.

General Testimonial 

Have been ghost hunting for about 8 years now and have used different companies, however my friend who I go ghost hunting with found SGS whilst doing a search and all I can say is we haven't looked back or gone with any other group since joining them. We've been with them for a good few years now and it's great to work alongside a group of people who are enthusiasts like myself. They are very accomadating, allow you free use of the equipment and make each event worth while. You can have a great laugh during the events whilst also trying a range of different techniques to communicate with spirits. Have been on some amazing events such as The Ancient Ram Inn, Jamaica Inn, Bodmin Gaol as well as many other amazing places, and have caught some really incredible evps and other footage as well. Also like that you can recommend a place and they will do their best to try and arrange an event there if they can. Awesome Society with awesome people. Always look forward to hunting in the dark with these guys.

Nick Grimshaw
Ancient Ram Inn 02 June 2012 

Ive been doing paranormal events for over tens years and always wanted to go here so to get the opportunity with people that have a passion for the the paranormal as I do was amazing thanks guys :)

Mark Dunne
The Rifles Museum 08 June 2013 

This is the second time ive been here but this time catching a black shadow on film that I cant explain was cool thanks again .

Mark Dunne
Fort Widley 15 March 2013 

Never been here before so didnt know what to expect was a quite night until listening back to an evp tell me to f..k you was unbelivable ! Cant explain it thanks again for a great venue

Mark Dunne
Victoria House 03 May 2013 

What a venue ,to get to go to a location where its not open to the public and beening told that police men and woman are getting activity was cool , then on the night four of us herd somebody laughing was mad . Looking forward to the next one :)

Mark Dunne
General Testimonial 

As the title suggests, I cannot fault southern ghost society, for professionalism, event locations and organisation during the events. They cater for the most experienced ghost hunters to the beginners and allows people to involve themselves as little or as much as they like. From the very first event we joined them on we were addicted! Having plenty of equipment for everyone to get involved and even investigate alone should your mood take you, cannot fault them in any way. The team really work hard which is clear to see given how enthusiastic everyone on the events are even in the early hours of the morning during the wash up, giving a briefings on all the teams experiences throughout the night, clearly shows how everyone has the opportunity to get involved. Keep up the good work! Dan & Chrissie

Daniel Machnik
General Testimonial 

Both me and my wife have been ghost hunting been with SGS for over 2 yrs now and we can honestly say we have enjoyed each event. We have been on over 30 group events with SGS and due to the professionalism of this organisation, we approached them regarding booking our own private events and thus far, SGS have assisted us to organise and then facilitate 3 private events. we plan to book more private events as well as attend the on going group events. We always come away with positive and differing experiences from each event. Thank you guys for all your hard work with SGS.

Stephen James
The Red Lion 02 March 2013 

This was our second event utilising SGS and again we were not dis-appointed. A lot of activity throughout and personal messages recieved via the Quija board. Including one for my wife. Very emotional time but she also felt at ease and was re-assured by the Team. All i can say is that you have to experience it to see it for yourself. The spirits at The Red Lion Inn are plenty and have a great sense of humour. Ticket already requested for another event in the near future. Thankyou SGS for a great evening. :-)

Trevor Death
Fort Widley 09 February 2013 

My wife and I were lucky enough to win 2 tickets for this event. What can i say? The team were extremely friendly and the group we were with were the same. We started with briefings and info about the equipment to be used. Then we went into the tunnels, OMG, never have i felt so vulnerable when in total blackness. which i tried in a tunnel on my own and promptly turned on my torch for a bit of security. The Quija board was used and although i have done this before as a teen never did we ever get anything like we did this night. We are definatley looking to attend more venues and have already requested standy-by tickets for an event. If you have never been on one of these then i would reccommend it hands down. You won't be dis-appointed.

Trevor Death
Explosion Museum at Priddy's Hard 11 May 2012 

Contacted Southern Ghost Society back in March about the possability of organising an charity event for Candle Lighters. They organised a event at the Explosion museum in portsmouth. The event was so easy to sort out, i took 19 soldiers on the event and SSG mixed there regulars into our groups. They were so accomadating for us, and really let the guys have a go with all the equipment. A few of the guys had experiences. Before we had even left the car park i had requests to organise another event which we are going today asoon as possible!

Brett Flowers

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