Margam Castle
  • Margam Castle

  • Event Date : Saturday, 24 August 2013
  • Start Time  : 7pm
  • End Time    : 3am
  • Address      : Port Talbort

About this location

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The site on which this impressive mansion now stands has been occupied for 4000 years with history books taking us as far back as a 11th century abbey.

Margam Castle was built between 1830 and 1840 which was the dream of Christopher Rice Mansel Talbot whose family owned the Margam estate from 1787. The original mansion was demolished in 1787.

Although designed by architect Thomas Hopper and over seen by Edward Haycock, Talbot took a keen interest in the building and encouraged them to use different elements from his ancestral homes in Dorset and Wiltshire.

The mansion flourished and was the Talbot family’s pride and joy until Christopher sadly passed away in 1890. Because his only son has passed 14 years prior, the mansion was left to is daughter Emily along with the Penrice estates. Emily made a number of changes and improvements to the house including plumbing, heating and in 1891 she has electricity installed.

Following the death of Emily in 1981, Captain Andrew Mansel Talbot Fletcher took over the estate. He lived there along with his family often opening the grounds to host celebrations.

Moving forward in history, the mansion was used to house both British and American troops during the war. Sir David Evans-Bevan brought the estate in 1942 and fell into disrepair as he never actually lived in the property and it fell prey to vandals and thieves.

There is no surprise that with a house that was built with love, cherished for many years, certain family members seem unwilling to leave. With its many rooms and corridors, grand staircases this is going to be an event that you will not want to miss.

Who is the dark figure seen moving around the corridors? Who causes the heavy doors to slam on their own?

Will you witness the sound of children laughing or the footsteps still heard on the flagstone floors?

Join us………

Included on this event

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  • Refreshments
  • Use of Equipment