The Ragged School
  • The Ragged School

  • Event Date : Saturday, 05 April 2014
  • Start Time  : 8pm
  • End Time    : 3am
  • Address      : London

About this location

It seems like a long time coming but Southern Ghost Society have secured our first visit to this amazing location.

The Free School, or Ragged School as it is more commonly known opened its doors in 1867 and the canal side building was the largest of its kind.

In 1866 Thomas Barnardo left the city of Dublin and intending to train as a doctor and then become a missionary in China until he was confronted by the great city of London, full of poverty and disease. Over 3000 Londoners fell in the cholera epidemic and this was the prompt for Dr Barnardo to give up his training and offer free education to the local children. This school was open for 31 years and educated tens of thousands of children.

Southern Ghost Society will have full access to the 4 Levels and dark stairwells and spooky classrooms as we attempt to uncover who stays around when the lights go out.

The sheer amount of activity reported at the school leaves even the most hardened Ghost Hunter questioning the goings on. Footsteps, cries and heavy bangs are reported from empty areas. The reports of children running from room to room, laughing and giggling at the terrified onlookers.

The amazing thing about this venue is you not only have lots of different areas to investigate with lots of different types of hauntings, you get a real sense of the lives of the children who attended.

Join us........

Included on this event

  • Limited Parking
  • Use of Equipment
  • Refreshments