Tutbury Castle
  • Tutbury Castle

  • Event Date : Saturday, 14 June 2014
  • Start Time  : 7pm
  • End Time    : 4am
  • Address      : Tutbury

About this location

Tutbury Castle was first recorded in 1071 and stands on a site which has been occupied since the Stone Age. Completed to stamp the Norman conquerors dominance across the Midland, This castle is situated over looking the Derbyshire hills making this a prefect site for a castle defense with such a commanding view over the surrounding area

Throughout the years this amazing site has seen it fair share of action, both in war and peace and has played home to some pivotal characters through history. The castle remains you see before you today would not be completely original as it was destroyed and rebuilt several times throughout the numerous battles that took place.

Throughout medieval times, the castle was home to many greats and was frequently visited by English Kings. In 1264 Prince Edward destroyed the castle after the rebellion of Robert De Ferrers who was the 6th Earl of Derby. 5 years later and after further rebellion the castle was given to Edmund Crouchback and remained part of the Duchy of Lancaster.

Moving forward in time, the castle played home to its best known visitor Mary Queen of Scotts. On the 4th February 1569, Mary Queen of Scots and sixty attendants, rode into Tutbury Castle and for the first time since her arrival in England, she realised that she was now a prisoner.

Mary Queen of Scotts was held at the castle on 4 separate occasions and it was thought that this was the site that she became involved with the plot that led to her bloody execution at Fotheringhay.

The castle was destroyed for the last time by Act of Parliament in 1647-48, after holding out for Charles I in the Civil War. As you see today the destruction was not entirely successful and was incomplete, leaving the dramatic ruins that we see today.

With all these famous visits, The bloodshed and battles there is no wonder that many a visitor have reported countless sighting throughout the years.

Who is the white lady in the window of the tower? Could this be the world famous Mary Queen of Scott? Why do people still report seeing soldiers on the ramparts? perhaps with such a bloody past the site still plays home to the countless soldiers whom lost their life in battle here?

The personal experiences became so regular in the Kings bedroom that the area was closed to the public for a while as a safety precaution.

With all these reports its no wonder the team cant wait to visit this amazing location.

Join us..........

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