The Block
  • The Block

  • Event Date : Saturday, 12 September 2015
  • Start Time  : 8pm
  • End Time    : 2am
  • Address      : Burton On Trent DE14 3AB

About this location

This next Paranormal Investigation takes us up country to the heart of Burton on Trent.

The Block was built in the 1800s, The Block has a vast history starting within the Brewing industry. Moving forward in history the building was used to house over 3000 troops, both American and British who would spend time before major operations.

In this time over 100 bombs were dropped in and around this area and unbelievable missed this massive construction. With such local disaster, and vast history there is no surprise that this building has had its fair share of paranormal occurrences.

The Block is a Ghost Hunters paradise as it is set over 4 floors offering a labyrinth of rooms, loft space, stairwells, labs, offices and so much more.

Reported as not for the faint hearted, our investigation team aim to discover what makes visitors run from this location and vow never to return. The great thing about this location is the amount of different types of paranormal activity reported from physical contact to sounds.

Children have been seen and heard running the halls and when people would follow the disturbance no one would be found. This abandoned building has also had people reporting objects moving and being thrown. The sounds voices of different nationalities from French, Polish and even German

This building will be one of our most challenging locations and with all the reports is certainly not for the faint hearted.

Join us…..

Included on this event

  • Use of Equipment
  • Refreshments