Towers Hospital
  • Towers Hospital

  • Event Date : Saturday, 25 April 2015
  • Start Time  : 8pm
  • End Time    : 3am
  • Address      : Gipsy Lane Leicester

About this location

Our next Paranormal Investigation takes us to Leicester where stands the infamous Towers Lunatic Asylum.

Unlike most of its kind, The Towers Hospital was actually built as an institution for people with mental illness and stood for over 140 years. The Asylum built in the 1800s and first opened its doors in 1869 and housed most of the countries seriously disturbed which for them recovery was never going to happen.

This is a Ghost Hunters dream and one of the stand out features about this building is you can really get an idea of how conditions were back then as the rooms and wards (although abandoned and in disrepair) are still visible. The building boasts multiple areas which by 1871 housed 283 patients which would have been spread over the three floors. At this stage there were 169 patents on the upper floors, 52 on the middle and 53 on the lower floor. The building also had padded areas for both male and females with additional dormitories with extra beds.

The Tower remained as an asylum up until 1912 when it was renamed as a mental hospital and later in 1940ís just as The Towers Hospital. In the late 1920ís it was reported that of the 944 patients, 38 were ex-service men and it was even reported that number had risen to over 1200.

With all this history and the vast paranormal reports the team are both excited and a little apprehensive about this investigation. Reports say that there are over 30 spirits that reside at the Tower Asylum from children to adults creating all different types of paranormal activity from smells, lights, crying to howling.

This is one of those locations that we you cannot afford to miss

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