Warwick Castle
  • Warwick Castle

  • Event Date : Friday, 01 September 2017
  • Start Time  : 9pm
  • End Time    : 3am
  • Address      : Warwick Castle Warwick CV34 4QU

About this location

It is with great pleasure and excitement that we bring to you the chance to join the team on a paranormal investigation at the magnificent Warwick Castle.

Though to be the 2nd oldest castle in the UK, Warwick Castle has to be the oldest and maybe the biggest castle we have ever had the chance to host an investigation. Although the first Motte and Bailey Castle was built in 1068 it is said that there is evidence of settlement on the site as far back as 914. William the Conqueror used the Castle to not only maintain his strong hold of the Midlands but he used it as a base as he advanced north. Henry de Beaumont was made constable of Warwick Castle by William and his appointment saw Henry ‘the son of a powerful Norman family’ become the first Earl of Warwick in 1088.

Moving forward in time the 2nd Earl of Warwick’s wife was tricked into believing that her husband Roger was dead. Thinking that all was lost she surrendered control of the castle to Henry of Anjou who was later King Henry II and his invading army in 1153. Under King Henry II the construction changed to stone replacing the motte-and-bailey design. The Earl of Warwick remained loyal to King Henry II, and the castle was used to store provisions. In 1242 the When Thomas de Beaumont, 6th Earl of Warwick died so the castle and surrounding lands were passed to Lady Margery who was in her own right the Countess of Warwick. Sadly her husband died so the castle when back into the hands of King Henry II until she found a suitable husband. William Maudit took hold of the castle until in 1267 when he died. After his death, the title and castle passed to his nephew William de Beauchamp, 9th Earl of Warwick. Following William's death, Warwick Castle passed through seven generations of the Beauchamp family, who over the next 180 years were responsible for most of the additions made to the castle.

Jumping history again King Richard III built the two towers Bear and Clarence in the 1480s. Both vaulted in stone, the towers contain a dark and very grim dungeon basement. The gatehouse features murder holes, two drawbridges, a gate, and portcullises gates made from wood or metal.

Warwick Castle underwent repairs and renovations using about 500 loads of stone whilst While in the care of The Crown from1478 until 1547. Warwick Castle had fallen into decay due to its age and neglect, and despite the new owner John Dudley promises to repair the castle he did not initiate any repairs to the castle. In 1566 the castle had a very special visitor Queen Elizabeth I during her tour of the country. She came again in 1572 and to accommodate her visit a timber building was erected in the castle for her to stay. In the 17th century the grounds were turned into a garden.

With so much history, death and despair there is no wonder that Warwick Castle is known as one of the most haunted venues in the UK. Who is the ghostly shadow figure said to still walk the tower near the chapel? Will we meet the aggressive spirit within the dungeons who is said to be able to move and even throw objects?

With temperature drops, unexplained unwelcome feelings, numerous rooms and over 1000 years of history we are sure to be in for a night to remember.

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