Lancaster Castle
  • Lancaster Castle

  • Event Date : Saturday, 26 May 2018
  • Start Time  : 8pm
  • End Time    : 2am
  • Address      : Castle Parade Lancaster Lancaster LA1 1YJ

About this location

Also known as john O Gaunts , Lancaster Castle is one of the most historically fascinating surviving buildings in the United Kingdom.

The Castles history starts way back in Roman times and with its commanding position on the hill overlooking the River Lune and the town of Lancaster, it stood strong against the marauding forces and enemies.

This amazing Castle has a dark and checkered history and was once owned by Duchy of Lancaster (The Queen). The Castle has played home to over 265 public hangings from 1762 to 1865 for crimes from a little as steeling a loaf of bread to feed a starving family, to gruesome murders and even witchcraft.

For those that know their dark history, the Castle was key in the Lancaster Witch Trial as the cells held the Witches and during the 1612 trials the witches were held in the towers where they would await their fate.

Of the 12 accused, 11 were charged with 10 murders by witchcraft of which 9 women and 2 men were found guilty and hanged. The one remaining witch (Old Demdyke) sadly lost her life in cell in the Well Tower at Lancaster Castle before the trial began. Old Demdyke, to this day is held responsible for most of the ghostly goings on at the Castle, said to be angry for false imprisonment and loss of life.

Witches aside, the Castle boasts over 1,000 years of history, so is there any wonder that its known as one of the most haunted Castles within the United Kingdom.

Until 2011, Lancaster Castle was known as a Category C Prison and held German prisoners of war from WW1. On Our investigation you will have the opportunity to visit the execution yard, the men's wing which consists of 54 cells across three floors and the debtor's prison which is said to be the largest outside of London.

The prison was visited in 1776 and was reported for its dirty and damp conditions and in the 18th century, more prisoners died from Gaol fever than from hanging. In 1868 Public executions were moved indoors and it has been reported that the last official hanging took place in 1910.

With all this history, there is no wonder that paranormal report are rife from past inmates, employees and even day to day visitors of the Castle. Tour guides have heard hushed whispers and the sound of footsteps in the Courtroom, Blue orbs have been seen in the cell where the Witches were held as well as the sound of crying from the empty library.

Past inmates and prison officers have been left terrified from their experiences with both reporting an ghostly apparition of a young girl. The young child has been reported running alone in the prison corridors as well as being accompanied by a middle-aged lady in old and haggard clothes.

In 2013, security footage captured a shadowy, ghostly figure walking the gatehouse entrance and daytime visitors and staff have report being pushed.

One of the most famous ghost is the Black Monk of Lancaster Castle said to have been hung at the prison and can be found wondering the lower levels of the Castle.

With Witches, Ghost Children, monks and full bodied apparition, you would be mad to miss out

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