Clitheroe Castle
  • Clitheroe Castle

  • Event Date : Saturday, 07 July 2012
  • Start Time  : 8pm
  • End Time    : 2am
  • Address      : Clitheroe

About this location

It may be the second smallest remaining castle keep in the country, but Clitheroe Castle and its surrounding area is reportedly one of the most haunted sites in England. Located on an isolated rocky crag, this Castle dates back over 800 years and overlooks the infamous, ghostly Pendle Hill, notorious for one of the largest ever trial of witches in 1612.

The Castle was originally constructed in 1186 by Robert de Lacy as the home of his Steward who oversaw all the administrative duties of the landowner. Sadly, much of the initial castle, including the chapel and gatehouse no longer remains, but the keep, which was intentionally damaged during the English Civil War by forces loyal to Oliver Cromwell, was duly repaired in 1848. Can our paranormal investigation uncover the identity of the ghostly apparition known as the White Lady, seen walking around the Castle and its grounds or that of an entire family, parents and child, who seem to still haunt the site. Reports of strange sounds, light apparitions and a number of cold spots are numerous and must merit further scrutiny. What is the real cause of the large hole next to the keep. Can it really be that, as superstition says, this resulted from the Devil taking out his anger on the non-compliant local residents by throwing a boulder off Pendle Hill ?

The Castle Museum dates back to the beginning of the 18th Century. Is its original use as a prison and court house the reason for reports of paranormal activity ? Is it a former inmate who has been seen looking out of the upper windows and what spirits may be responsible for unearthly noises heard after tourists have all left for the day ?

If that isn't enough to whet your appetite for what will be an amazing ghost hunt, just remember the adjacent Pendle Hill, a bronze age burial site and fixed in history due to the Pendle Witches, 10 of whom were hanged because it was believed they 'killed' at least 10 people through witchcraft back in 1612. Back in the 17th century, superstition and fear of evil spirits was rife and it was believed that curses cast by witches were responsible for sickness and death, whilst some also believed that they had the power to heal. Two feuding, impoverished families lived in the Pendle area, each led by powerful old women, 'Old Demdike' and 'Old Chattox', both renowned as powerful witches. Indeed Demdike was known as the 'Agent of the Devil' and it was the arrest of her granddaughter which sparked the large trial in 1612. The granddaughter, Alizon Device, was forced to admit to witchcraft for allegedly cursing a peddler who refused to give her money. The curse took the form of the sudden appearance of a black dog which attacked and paralysed the man. During the trial, it was reported that Demdike had been responsible for causing the death of animals and family members of those she cursed, whilst Chattox not only turned ale in the local pub sour but also used a clay figure to kill the landlord's son.

As recently as November 2011, a 17th Century cottage was unearthed in the local area, complete with the skeleton of a cat bricked into the wall. Was this really intended to ward off evil spirits or was it actually the home of one of the Pendle Witches ?

This is an incredible location for a fascinating ghost hunt. What a journey back in time to investigate the amazing paranormal activity which must remain in such an astonishing historical and haunted site.

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