Dudley Castle
  • Dudley Castle

  • Event Date : Saturday, 17 November 2012
  • Start Time  : 8pm
  • End Time    : 2am
  • Address      : Dudley

About this location

Southern Ghost Society has secured an overnight investigation at the amazing ruins of Dudley castle, the scene of TV's Most Haunted's Live weekend. We are surely in for a night to remember as we attempt to find out who still frequents this castle featured in the doomsday book of 1086.

According to legend, a wooden construction was erected on the site as early as the 8th century by a Saxon Lord named Dado. Historians date the castle soon after the Norman conquest of 1066 where the first stone construction was set around 1070.

In 1153 the castle fell under siege by the forces of King Stephen and managed to stay strong until 1173 when it was ordered to be demolished by order of the King

John Somery, the last of the males in the Somery family,who died in 1321 which meant the castle was passed to John de Sutton and his wife Margaret, who often used the name Dudley. This is where the name is thought to originate. In 1532 John Sutton inherited the castle but then fell on hard times, and was ousted by a family member John Dudley who later became Duke of Northumberland in 1537. Dudley set out erecting a new building inside the old walls and settled at the site until later he was beheaded for crimes against the throne of England.

John de Somery, who is reportedly the most notorious of the Earls, spent most of his life terrorising the local people. In order to rebuild the castle in the early 1300s, he stole everything he could lay his hands on and thought nothing of killing anybody who got in his way.

Returned to the Sutton family by Queen Mary the castle was later considered by Queen Elizabeth I as a positional location for the imprisonment of Mary, Queen of Scots. Used as a Royalist stronghold during the civil war the castle was besieged twice before its surrender to Cromwell’s forces in 1646. Finally on 13th May 1646 the castle was partly demolished to its present appearance apart form a few habitable buildings which were occasionally visited by the Earl of Dudley.

The final ever construction took place in 1700 which saw a stable block erected on the site before being devastated by a fire in 1750.

From kings to Queens, Lords and Ladies this magnificent location has played a pivotal part in British History. There is no surprise that it is reported to still house over 15 resident ghosts with over 1000 different sightings over the years.

One of the most common sightings at the castle is of one of the De Somery family. Yet to be identified due to only the legs being visible to terrified onlookers. This spirit has been associated with the half stone coffin, still found in the chapel.

Will we encounter the black monk who walks the ground? The medieval apparition is said to wonder the castle ruins on his way back to Dudley Priory, whose months used to wear the distinguished Black Habit.

A lady and her cat in the middle ages were brutally murdered over the castle walls, for crimes of witchcraft. This was never proved but as she was a single lady who owned a black cat the locals forced their way into the castle, and disposed of the cat over the wall followed by its owner. In more recent times a medieval fair was held at the castle. A woman thought to be local, whose costume was far greater than any who attended was announced the winner but when the organisers tried to present the prize she was nowhere to be seen.

A Young Drummer Boy, A grey Lady and Homeless man have all been seen walking the castle wall looking for family and trying to explain the brutal ways that their life's came to an end

Murder, Death, Fire and despair stains the walls at this amazing location, the team are sure to be put to the test as we attempt to explain the so far unexplainable.

Limited tickets will be available for this ghost hunt, so don't miss out book you place now.

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