The Cage
  • The Cage

  • Event Date : Friday, 23 November 2012
  • Start Time  : 7pm
  • End Time    : 2am
  • Address      : Clacton-on-Sea

About this location

A fantastic opportunity to investigate paranormal activity on a night imprisoned inside the notorious Cage in St. Osyth. This amazing location is sure to be a night to remember as we attempt to uncover what has made so many of its previous owners flee in terror.

During the 15th Century the town of St. Osyth became engulfed with tales of the dark arts and witch craft and this amazing location boast the incarceration of one of the most famous and feared witch in our history......Ursula Kemp!

Ursula Kemp said to be the most powerful witch in the areas and was well known for her healing power. People would travel from near and far to experience her removal spells.

Ursula Kemp along with a Elizabeth Bennett was eventually arrested and interrogated in 1582 leading to there execution in 1582.

Is it the two women that are thought to still terrorise any who dare to step foot in The Cage, seeking justice for their untimely deaths?

Owner after owner have fled in terror, unable to cope with the constant strange occurrences. Doors slamming, latches rattling and the sound of ghostly footstep its no wonder that The Cage has been up for sale more than any other property in the village.

With a history of imprisonment, witch craft and suicide, dare you join us on what is sure to be one of our most challenging events in 2012.