Mary - Team Leader

Tell us a little about yourself, what interests you about the paranormal?

I'm Mary, I'm a team Leader for SGS, up to my early thirties I didn’t necessarily believe in the paranormal I was a person who would always say “Ill believe it when I see it”. I however remained open minded as I had heard stories from other people and was interested in the paranormal. This was until I had a personal experience that set my curiosity off and onto this path.

I joined SGS as a member originally and through my curiosity and the experiences that we had on events I became passionate about all things paranormal and found myself wanting to understand more about the afterlife and the science behind it.

I like that it’s a relatively new field that can be investigated, my curiosity always gets the better of me and I want to know why, how and the what's about the paranormal. I like to understand the science behind the paranormal events, the techniques and investigation methods used that can help to understand the science.

While the history of Ghost hunting has been around for hundreds of years as the digital/technical age develops so does the understanding behind the paranormal. Though there is still a lot to be understood, there is now equipment that help with investigations and that helps to further the understanding of the paranormal.

What is your favourite piece of equipment, and how do you like to use it?

This is a hard question for me as while I like to use equipment that furthers the understanding of science, I like to use the many and varied types of equipment, this is so that we try all methods of investigating as you can never be sure of who will come through on the night. I can often be seen using dowsing rods or communication boards alongside the technical equipment we have.

I have a couple that are my favourite, the Mel meter being one. This measures EMF (Electro Magnetic Field) and it is said that spirits can effect this field. It is exciting when we get a spike or increase in EMF when we have an experience. I have also used this as a communication tool.

I also enjoy using the dowsing rods, I have seen some good results using these. I enjoy seeing someone use these for the first time and seeing their reactions when they move on their own.

I also like to use an audio recorder as either evp (Electronic Voice Phenomena) bursts or to record the session. Evp bursts can be exciting as you can capture voices in real time and further develop the investigation according to the response.

I am excited about some of the new technology that is coming into the field and looking forward to using this also on investigations.

What location gave you the best recorded evidence of paranormal events, and what did you catch?

I have many favourite locations Wymering Manor, Preston Manor, Shepton Mallet Prison and Fulford House are just to name a few. Each location that I have been to have presented some great evidence in their own right.

I have worked with the teams to capture this evidence and it can be seen on our you tube account. We have captured evidence from evps, to disembodied voices and images both on camera and on heat sensitive equipment.

Please visit the you tube account to see some of the evidence caught.

Thinking about your experiences during an investigation, what location has stuck with you and why?

Gloucester Prison was an experience that I cant forget. We had a very good night at this location and had experienced lots throughout the night, I saw a light anomaly and we had other equipment go off throughout the night.

In the last session we had been communicating with our motion sensing led balls and using the communication board. Myself and Jody were packing up at the end of the session and I turned back to check she was ok... Jody was in a corridor and I couldn't see her and I was in another room.. through a door way I saw a free form floating spirit.. it glided past the doorway and into a set of doors that were locked... at the same time both Jody and I shouted at each other to stop... (she said come here, I said stop) we then both asked what each other had seen... she saw the apparition go past her and I saw it go past the door way as it had gone past her.... this was good verification for both of us that we had seen the same entity.

I do have many other locations that are memorable for many different reasons... Wymering Manor/ Fort Widley and our secret location to name just a few.

From all the places you have investigated, have you witnessed anything which has made you believe there really such a thing as the paranormal, and what was it?

Yes this was the first experience that I had that made me believe that the paranormal was possible. It happened at the old Beneficiary School in Portsmouth and I was still relatively new to investigations.
There was a small group calling out and we had set the room up so that we could start to communicate. We had a communication board on a table and the glass was on the table upside down. On top of the glass was a motion sensing led ball, the bottom of the glass had a divot to it so it was balanced securely in the glass.
In each of the corners of the board was a KII Meter. We had picked up on some children spirits who enjoyed seeing different colours when I used a torch that had blue, green and red lights. Both the balls and KII Meters have coloured lights on them.
We encouraged them to run around the group. At this stage the KII meters started to react and would light up in a sweeping motion from each KII Meter. The motion was in a circular movement. This kept going for a good few minutes and then at the end of this build up the ball on top of the glass jumped out of the glass and rolled off the board. We were all quite shocked.
The experience I liked about this was the KII meters, they should not react in this way, it would be very difficult to get them to react in this way and to date I have not experienced them working in this manner since. It was unexplained for me.
It was at this point that I started to really believe and that it was hard to argue what had happened in front of me, this however just made me even more curious.

What advice would you give to anyone who is interested in investigating the paranormal?

To be open minded, the paranormal is the unknown and we are designed to fear the unknown, we do need to have a healthy level of scepticism but we can also rationalise spirits to be a person just like you and I. I have learnt to be respectful of the spirit that I am talking to and sometimes just understanding their situation and having some empathy has resulted in some great experiences.

Also I would advise always to wear layers, we can go to some very cold locations and layers are the best way to keep warm. So a good torch, layers for warmth and good footwear too! If you are prepared and comfortable then you can enjoy the night more.

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