Lee - Society Founder / Team Leader

Tell us a little about yourself, what interests you about the paranormal?

Been a massive fan of all things paranormal since a young age, became hooked on the tv show Most Haunted and my fascination started from there. Did my first event with my brother and dad back in 2010 at Tutbury Castle.

What is your favourite piece of equipment, and how do you like to use it?

k11, voice recorder, Mel meter and night vision camera. I personally feel equipment that can’t be manipulated by human contact is more credible.

What location gave you the best recorded evidence of paranormal events, and what did you catch?

Bodmin jail/Nottingham Galleries of Justice and poveglia island in Venice. I’ve never felt so uneasy in a venue as I did on poveglia, we also caught a class A evp as well as spikes on equipment (no electricity on the island at all) and great footage from the thermal imaging camera.

Thinking about your experiences during an investigation, what location has stuck with you and why?

Bodmin Jail and Nottingham Galleries of Justice are the two that stuck in my mind. The evps, footsteps and loud bangs we caught I still can’t explain to this day.

From all the places you have investigated, have you witnessed anything which has made you believe there really such a thing as the paranormal, and what was it?

During a vigil at valentines Mansion we heard what appeared to be the sound of furniture being moved in a locked room above us. We knew no other team members where on this room or indeed upstairs so we investigated further.
We arranged for the room to be unlocked and as we did so the noises stopped. On entering the room we confirmed nobody was there and the caretaker mentioned that it looked like some of furniture had been moved from when he was last there.

The first time I’ve ever been touched (in a paranormal sense) was at The Exposition Museum in Gosport. I was in one of the hangers with one other group member when i felt a hand touch my shoulder.

What advice would you give to anyone who is interested in investigating the paranormal?

Keep a level head and be realistic, not everything is a ghost.... look for the normal before you call it paranormal.

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