Heather - Team Leader

Tell us a little about yourself, what interests you about the paranormal?

I’ve always been curious about the unknown. I would pester my parents with “but why” and “ but how” questions when I was a child.
I also have a strong belief in our sixth sense. That gut instinct that stands us in good stead, if only we would listen to it and not over ride it with a considered balanced thought process, weighing up the pro’s and con’s of our actions.

What is your favourite piece of equipment, and how do you like to use it?

Dowsing Rods - Especially when they work for someone new. The process is dull to watch as a bystander, due to the time it takes to obtain information. The yes and no questioning process takes time and you have to be one step ahead with the questioning to maintain the conversational flow.
There is always that question of doubt by anyone watching rods in use, “are they making that happen”. It is hard not to think that the rods are not being manipulated by the user, even on a sub conscious level. But I know by the look of confusion (and sometimes fear), that it is genuine. Any fear or apprehension soon turns to questioning curiosity.

What location gave you the best recorded evidence of paranormal events, and what did you catch?

Although not strictly “recorded”, as the evidence is not on a camera or voice recorder, contemporaneous written notes were made at the time.
Victoria House is my stand out location, purely because the evidence captured was personal to me and I can validate all the information. Before I became a team leader I attended a ghost investigation , just like any other member of the public. My group were doing a board session, it was a first investigation for the person asking the questions, so I was assisting by suggesting what questions they should ask. At the moment the glass started to move, I took my finger off it and sat back away from the table. I don’t know why, it was a gut reaction!
We only had a short session before tea break, but every question and answer was spot on, it was my mum! Due to the shortness of the session we invited her to join us again after tea break. Mum came back to us and continued to answer further open, direct and non leading questions. My uncle was with my mum too, so I asked him for the name of his collie dog, the one that liked to roll in cow pats. He gave me the name, and no, it’s not Fido or Rover!
I think this was a prompt from my family to continue with paranormal investigating.

Thinking about your experiences during an investigation, what location has stuck with you and why?

As mentioned before, Victoria House is my #1, but there are others! The Old Beneficiary School in Portsmouth, which is now a theatre stands out. I was leading a group investigating the “ props/costume store room”. I had placed an upturned wine glass on a board on a stack of boxes. in the concave stem I had placed a cat disco ball. After a while all the K2’s that I had also placed around the board started to light up to red. Simultaneously the cat ball lit up, raised up into the air before dropping back down onto the board, bouncing twice ( these are not bouncy type balls), before rolling away on the floor. The event was witnessed by the whole group, but no one caught it in camera. All the K2’s stopped as the room temperature went very cold. I’ve been back to this venue and tried without success to replicate this, i’ll keep trying!

From all the places you have investigated, have you witnessed anything which has made you believe there really such a thing as the paranormal, and what was it?

The board session at Victoria House was the turning point of believing for me. I’ve seen similar instances when absolute sceptics have had their minds turned upside down when personal information has come through. Sometimes the significance of the evidence isn’t realised until after the event, when your brain has had time to process the information and even check facts with family members.
I have experienced too many instances that can’t be readily be explained or dismissed, so then the only possible answer must be something paranormal.
I remember an evening at Bursledon Brickworks, odd things were occurring all evening to my group, just small subtle things that we dismissed at the time. In our final session we make contact with the spirit of a young boy who had worked there. He had been doing the odd things all evening, playing jokes on us, it was only by speaking to him that everything fell into place and made sense. We can be too quick to dismiss things we can’t explain.

What advice would you give to anyone who is interested in investigating the paranormal?

Be open minded, as we don’t have all the answers, yet!! ( It wasn’t so very long ago that the educated experts told us to believe that the world was flat!!).
Don’t be afraid of the unknown, get involved, that’s how we get answers.
Be respectful to the ghosts at all times, they were once people! If you speak to them the way you would like to be spoken to, the response is generally better.
Finally, have fun and explore!

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