Mark - Team Leader

What is your favourite piece of equipment, and how do you like to use it?

Rem Pod, MEL meter and MEL meter with built in Rem Pod

What location gave you the best recorded evidence of paranormal events, and what did you catch?

Galleries of Justice

Thinking about your experiences during an investigation, what location has stuck with you and why?

The Lamb Inn - I was investigating a room with Dan and Lee and asking questions using a KII for yes and no responses. We quickly realised we were getting clear feedback using the device for yes and no (beep for Yes and silence for No). I knew the location had links with Dick Turpin and we managed to work out we were talking with him and then as we were on live stream we allowed viewers to pose questions which we asked and then had the answer confirmed by the viewer too with 100% success rate.

From all the places you have investigated, have you witnessed anything which has made you believe there really such a thing as the paranormal, and what was it?

The final session of my first trip to Galleries of Justice, Nottingham where we called out and had positive response with knocks on command. Spooky end to a great evening.

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