Liam - Team Leader

Tell us a little about yourself, what interests you about the paranormal?

My name is Liam and I have very recently joined SGS as a team leader. I have been interested in the paranormal from a young age, reading books about it, watching paranormal shows etc. 
After going to a few local events with SGS I was lucky enough to be asked to try out as a team leader. 
I am interested in the paranormal because I know there is something there we can not explain, and working alongside the team at SGS know that we can go some way to help understand it. 

What is your favourite piece of equipment, and how do you like to use it?

My favourite piece of equipment is the Rem pod. The most impressive use of these I have seen so far is when these are used to communicate yes and no answers in response to calling out. 

What location gave you the best recorded evidence of paranormal events, and what did you catch?

As the newest team leader to the group my own recording equipment is still rather sparse! But have been shown plenty of the teams best finds already which as got me even more excited for my first find on my own bit of equipment. 

From all the places you have investigated, have you witnessed anything which has made you believe there really such a thing as the paranormal, and what was it?

From all the places you have investigated have you witnessed anything which has made you believe there really is such a thing as the paranormal and what was it? 

Personally my favourite so far has to be the secret SGS location and a large ball of light appearing in the middle of the room. Spent ages trying to debunk with the group. Has definitely been the hardest occurrence for me to explain so far! 
Frustratingly though no one was recording at the time.

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