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Post Event Write Up   -     23 February 2017
Posted By: Dan Marchant

Northwood House - 2017

Northwood House was our first event of the year and there was no better way to start the year than spending time in a 85 roomed party mansion.

The house has been described as ‘a strange house outside and stranger within’ and as it has been used as everything from a luxury home to a hospital it never disappoints as a location. We are very lucky with this event that we are allowed to spend the whole night so we always take a small team so we can take our time and investigate it thoroughly.

This visit we were joined by Portsmouth university who were doing a documentary about the people behind the ghost busters. Since the visit we have met again to conduct more filming and their video will be available on the site very soon.
As usual we took very low numbers to the event to enable us to split into small groups and split across the whole building.  Myself, Lee and Den started by a meet and greet session with the guests of Northwood House which was our opportunity to explain the reasons for our visit and provide an explanation on our preferred method of investigation. Tim and the guys were join by their own medium and although we had very different investigation styles we had a one common goal……Try and explain the so far unexplainable!

The night was a mixed bag for the teams in regards to paranormal activity with one group capturing an intelligent EVP from the cellar area. The other group had interaction on their K2 Meters and trigger objects (Douce Balls).
Our group on the other hand had a very interesting night and still now we are questioning the events that occurred. Within the main ball room I began to question the history and invited the spirits to share their stories. On questioning if the parties were as lavish and grand as they report I caught a EVP which seemed to be agreeing with me. The great thing about this piece of evidence was it coincided with the camera man recording a high pitch sound on his boom mic (up to red on the gauge) despite hearing no sound at all.  In the same area we again began to call out and continued questioning when we heard footsteps from the corner of the room. This again was backed up by our trigger object being set off in the same area.

Our group stayed together and decided to adventure into the corridor when in previous visits three investigators (including myself) witness a shadow figure moving around.  Due to this we decided to place motion detectors down the main corridor along with K2 meters and trigger objects and call out to the person we once witnessed to see if they would interact once more. We began to call out and no sooner had we started the motion detectors were triggered. Now this did coincide with both the trigger objects and K2s being  triggered  however we later found that these would trigger every 90 sections so we believe  this to be a natural occurrence rather than paranormal.

Overall it was a good night and if you ever get the chance to visit this amazing venue then I would recommend strongly that you take the opportunity. On every visit so far we have managed to capture some sort of unexplained activity……

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