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Post Event Write Up   -     31 May 2015
Posted By: Dan Marchant

Bodmin Jail 16th May 2015

Bodmin Jail – 16th May 2015

On 16th May we went back to Bodmin Jail for our annual visit. The old Jail consists of 4 different levels, countless jail cells and an old navel wing. Many people who have visited the jail all tell stories of the unwelcome feeling you get walking around during the day, so to be locked in all night was such an exciting prospect.

The visit would not be complete without a stop at the world famous Jamaica Inn for a drink before we reached Bodmin. As a team we were lucky enough to investigate the pub and museum and even stay in the haunted rooms overnight.

The Investigation

16 people joined the team this time which was an ideal number to cover such a large location such as Bodmin Jail. For the evening set up we decided to start as 1 big team as there is one main room with over 10 cells off of each side. Starting this way enabled the team to spread out the equipment and use the collective energy to see what contact we could make. This session brought us lots of knocks and bangs but sadly nothing more than that. Later in the evening we took smaller numbers back to that same room which proved to be more fruitful as the team had good communication on the board which also coincided with interaction with the REM Pod and Trigger Objects on request.

Throughout the night different teams all had little pieces of activity, using various different techniques ranging from the old school approach of dowsing rods to the more scientific approach of using K2, EMF Meters and MEL Meters and REM Pods.

Overall the night was quieter than our previous visits however the privilege of spending the night in such a historic location has not deterred us from visiting next year. Naturally we are still reviewing the cameras and voice recorders and if we catch anything interesting we will post it on the website.

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