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Post Event Write Up   -     31 May 2015
Posted By: Dan Marchant

The Brickworks 29th May 2015

The Brickworks – 29th May 2015

The Brickworks is the very first location that we investigated as Southern Ghost Society so it is a very special location for the team.

The venue consists of 3 very large indoor areas as well as large grounds and even the old kilns. 17 People joined the team this time and we split into 3 separate teams so we could cover as much ground as possible.

The great thing about this event is that each team recorded experiences in each of the 3 areas they investigated.

The first team to investigate the kiln area decided to split into two groups and send one member on their own into the kiln whilst the rest of the team asked for the spirits to interact with that member by making them go cold and by making a bang on the wall. Once the group reformed, the member that was on his own was asked if anything happened. To the teams surprise and amazement he said  ‘ Not really, apart from at one stage it seemed to get very cold and there was a loud bang’. The team were very pleased with this as it was exactly what they had requested to happen. The last group to investigate the kilns did not stay in there too long as a few of the team felt as if someone was pacing behind them and then one member had to leave due to the feeling of overwhelming dread.

The upstairs was also a very interesting area as all three groups witnessed a flashing light at different stages of the evening. A stone being thrown was also captured and the area also gave us some very good dowsing rod activity.

The boiler and engine room area proved to be very interesting for one of the teams who used the board to make contact with a little boy who claimed to be there before the brickworks,  on his family farm. What was interesting about this contact was that we had the same information come through over 3 years before with another team. The first team to investigate this area also decided to put the trigger objects along the dark corridor and call out for interaction. To their surprise their wish was granted as upon asking for the balls to light up they all did on request. This proved to be a common theme as the other groups set up the same experiments in one of the drying sheds and witnessed the balls light up on request.

Overall this was a very good investigation and we still have our voice recorders and videos to review. Naturally if we capture anything exciting we will post on our site

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Thanks again to everyone that came and the SGS team

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