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Post Event Write Up   -     22 September 2015
Posted By: Dan Marchant


In September the team travelled to Venice to attempt to investigate the world famous haunted island of Poveglia

Poveglia proved allusive on Dan and Lee’s first visit in 2014 and despite 100’s of miles walked and countless tour companies badgered, they could not get anyone to take them to the island.

But……September the team managed to pursued a company to drop them to the island for a 7 hour investigation………and WOW what an experience!

The boat was silent as we arrived at the island, the imposing clock tower visible as soon as we left the docks. Luigi, our boat driver seem completely baffled to why we wanted to stay on this island for any longer than 30 minutes and referred to the island as ‘The Island of Pain’, from this point we knew we were in for a good night. We drove to the top of the island in order to dock at the old hospital block. The team all got off the boat and made their way to the roof top to wave goodbye to Luigi. I think at this point it dawned on us that we were about to undertake one of our greatest ever investigation.

The island was in need of extensive repair with many of the buildings derelict and falling down around us. For those of you that know of Poveglia, the trip would not be complete without findings the Plague/Burning/Burial fields which we worked out would be South of where were landed. Getting there proved to be the most troubling part with the island so over grown with thistles, Bugs and very large spiders!

The light started to fade and 40 minutes later we reach the field which was accessible from an old rickety bridge. This bridge was made famous from the Ghost Adventures series where they experienced the camera being knocked over by an invisible force. We decided to set up the equipment and investigate this part of the island. No sooner had the team set up when we witnessed the K11 Meter going off, followed by the REMPOD without any of team leaders within 20 feet radios.  During our investigation in the fields the team also recorded the sound of a lady either screaming or crying.

After two hours the team decided to head in land to investigate buildings and spend the rest of the time inland. It took around 50 minutes to walk a journey that would normally take 5minutes in normal terrain. We headed to the main hospital wing and decided to set the next experiment. The team decided to live stream this session to let others get a feel of what we were experiencing.

The team all tried the best to put into word the feeling of being on the island and they all explained it in the same way, with the feeling of being watched around every corner.

Lee had the camera so rest of the team spread out to cover as much ground as they could. No sooner had we started Andy came through on live steam and said he heard a voice saying “get out” which was not witnessed at the time. The team listened back to the recoding and to their complete surprise the voice was there, clear as day. Since the visit we have listen to the recoding and the team all agree the voice says “I want to get out of here”. If you visit our evidence page then you will be able to listen for yourself.

This was one of several EVP’s team captured on the night, along with several other personal experiences which lead all the team present to state that Poveglia was the most haunted place they have ever visited.

If you want to see how the team got on then please visit:

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Thanks again to everyone that came to this location and of course the SGS team.

On to the next……….

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