Southern ghost Society Ghost Hunt - All Photos

An unusual photograph of a band of light with no obvious start or finish point. Taken in the conference room a matchstick model of an oil rig in the back ground makes this photo interesting. Further examination of the area discounted external or reflected light being the cause.

Following a number of seances and EMF activity in the kiln rooms at Bursledon Brick yards this photo was taken. The light was recorded in the exact area where the seance was held.

Taken on the ground floor workshop of the Bursledon Brickworks. The photo features the original brick making equipment in the background with a beam of light having no start or finish point, which still remains a mystery to where it came from. Post examination of the area showed no obvious cause or reason.

A nice example of a large orb captured at the Bursledon Brickworks, taken in the main workshop area also note the shadow on the arm of the person sat on the chair.

This was taken in corridor at the brick works main building, this particular corridor was reported to be one of the most paranormal active part of the Bursledon Brick works. This picture captured several orb's

A golden orb at the Explosion Musuem Portsmouth, we looked at the wall after this photo was taken and nothing was there.

Group one were conducting a seance using our Ouija board. Every time that we asked a question we would hear banging coming from the walls behind our heads. We also had short and sharp responses on the board.

This is a photo taken by group one in the small magazine at The Explosion Museum, Hampshire. Our group was in the middle of a seance using our Ouija Board when a noise was heard behind us. This photo was taken at the area and we captured this bright orb.

This photo was taken in the main storage hanger at the Explosion Museum. Many of the groups heard footsteps and strange noises when conducting different experiments.This photo was taken as group one was leaving the building and we decided to take a photo into the darkness.

This photo was taken in the same area of the grounds just after the other photo. The strange mist was caught in most of the photos that we took there on that occasion. Could this be the start of a manifestation from one of the many spirits we encountered that evening.

A strange mist caught in the woods in the grounds of Merchistoun Hall.

This photo is taken on the stage. throughout the night we heard a number of noises and when looking back at our photos we found another orb.

This photo was taken from the stage at Mechistoun Hall.Captured is one of many orbs we caught on our cameras that night in the main hall.

Another orb caught on camera this time on the stage.

one of many orbs we caught that night on our cameras in the main hall.

This is a photo of one of our group members Bradley using dowsing rods to communicate with a spirit on the stage at Mechistoun Hall.We Found this a very active area and had some interesting results during this seance.

Taken approaching the ghostly crypt at Oxford Castle. During the seance held in this crypt one member experienced a stone being thrown at him. Very interesting experience with a small orb being present.

This photo was taken in one of the prison cells at the exact moment we had a reading on our emf meter. Directly in front of us was a orb could this orb given us this ghostly reading?

This photo was taken whilst we discovered a high reading on the k2 meter. We were in a derelict room half way up the Saxon tower in the castle.

Another example of what we think is an orb in the ghostly crypt at Oxford Castle. This photo was taken after we had a feeling we were not alone in the crypt.

This is a photo of the ghostly crypt in the depths of Oxford Castle. When this photo was taken, 2 group members thought they spotted an image of a girl screaming when the flash went off. Sadly nothing showed up on our camera, but the whole experience left one member very shaken.

Taken in the prison wing of the castle, at the stair well leading to the crypt. The same area as before where we felt an unknown presence following and watching us. The photo shows what appears to be orbs.

Taken in the prison cell area at Oxford Castle, the photo was taken because most of the night we felt that we were not alone and had people following us....could this have been one?

The group entered the centre of the old 17 Th century ruins and decided to take some pictures. This photo is one of main pictures that had a dark mist in the top corner. The flash or lenses on this camera was too far away from the takers hand for it to cause a shadow or an interference.

This photo was taken out of one of the windows into the dark. This strange Blue mist was only spotted once we had returned and uploaded the photos.

This is another example of the black mist captured on a photo taken in the centre of Racton Ruins

Another photo taken whilst walking down to the pier

Two lights captured on camera outside the Chapel

A light captured whilst we were walking down to the site of the old pier.

This is a photo taken at Bodmin Jail.

This photo was taken at Woodchester Mansions. At the start of every Investigation we hold a group meeting to discuss the night ahead

This is a team shot of the members that attended the Jamaica Inn ghost hunt.

This is a photo of Dan, Lee and Gary outside the world famous Jamaica Inn. We were lucky enough to investigate the Inn along with our members

The Southern Ghost Society team were invited to The Ancient Ram Inn to film with Great British Ghost. This is a programme that is in its 3rd series now and this episode is due to be shown in the Autumn 2012

This is a photo taken for a magazine who were interested in Southern Ghost Society and how we worked.

For any of you fellow ghost hunters out there that have watched programmes such as Most Haunted, Ghost Adventures, you will recognise John. Here is a photo with our lead investigator Lee

For any of you fellow ghost hunters out there that have watched programmes such as Most Haunted, Ghost Adventures, you will recognise John. Here is a photo with our lead investigator Daniel

This was taken in the world famous Bishops room. the two investigators took a series of photos that evening but only one came out like that

This photo was taken in the witches room at The Ancient Ram. The Witches room is re-noun for witch craft and Devil worshipping......What do you see in the dark mist ???

This is a photo taken of one of our members above the stage at the kings theatre. In the very last investigation of the evening, our group made contact with a little boy spirit. The little boy was responding to questions that we asked him by effecting our EMF meter

This is a photo of the first group under the stage that the kings theatre. We had a locked of camera positioned in this area all night. when reviewing the footage we noticed a continuous flow of lights that passed through this group during this session. The group at the time were getting strong hits on their EMF reader pictured above.

This photo was taken on the one of the side balcony into the audience.This brightly coloured Orb was captured on the first balcony area.Could this be the early stages of a manifestation of the ghost that is reported to sit in the stands and casts a watchful eye over the stage?

This photo was taken on the upper balcony of the Kings Theatre. Whilst looking through the photos we noticed a Orb on the far side balcony.

A group seance where our members we were in contact with a supposed female spirit who worked in the theatre.

This photo was taken in the bar area on the first floor at the Kings Theatre. Although there is nothing captured in this photo, this was the main area where two separate groups held seances. Both groups described the feeling of being watched whilst the glass communicated with them. Both groups also witnessed temperature drops during the seance.

This photo was taken from the main stage of the Kings Theatre. In front row we caught a bright pink Orb.

This photo was taken during a group seance on the first floor of the theatre. This impressive pink Orb was captured hovering around the group as they made communication with an angry lady spirit.

This photo was taken in the main room on the first floor of the Old Benny in Portsmouth. The unique feature about this Orb captured is it seems like it is moving or in motion across the stage area.

This is taken in the wardrobe/dressing area at The Old Benny Theatre in Portsmouth. Throughout the night the group experienced main different feelings in this area. A common report was noises towards the far end of this area. Here we captured another Pink coloured Orb in that very area.

This photo was taken of a group holding a seance in the theatre area of The Benny.

This is a photo of the stage are at The Benny.Once again we seemed to have captured a pink coloured Orb.

This photo was taken towards the stage area of The Old Benny. The Orb captured seems to be standing on the main stage, an old performer perhaps??

Taken during our ss√ance where the group made contact with a little boy called bobby. In tha background is a ball we brought along for our young ghost to play with. This scene was also captured on video where you can see this orb circle the ball.

This photo was extracted from a video clip as a frame. The light or orb materialised when we asked for the ball to be moved again. The video shows lots of activity around the ball

This photo was taken in an area which Southern Ghost Society found with the most paranormal activity at the Red Lion. We experienced a lot of activity around this door way. The photo captures a line of light leading up to this mysterious active door way.

This photo was taken in the cellar of the Red Lion, this part of the Red Lion dates back to 1550's. We captured an orb on the boxes. Later heard a loud unexplained banging noise in this area.

This photo was taken in the hall way where we experienced, noises, different feelings and even a push from something when we opened the door. The photo shows a line of light leading into the door way. At the time we could not explain where the light originated from.

This photo was taken in the kings bedroom at Tutbury, the scene of many paranormal experiences over the years. The photo shows a number of orbs by the fire place and wall.

This photo was taken in the grounds of Tutbury castle, the seen of many bloody battles. What you can see is believed to be an orb on the side of the building. Could it be a soldier guarding his post before battle.

This photo was taken in one of the old building at the castle. When this photo was taken, we all witnessed the ghostly sound of drumming. It could be described as a war march. We later found out that this room was used to house troops before battle.

Photo of the entrance to Tutbury castle. 4 team members witnessed a man standing at his post, under the light of the entrance, when we took this photo, this orb was all we managed to capture.

Taken in the prisoners cell, underneath the castle walls. The spiked rack was a method of torture commonly used at the castle. Is the orb on top of the spike a manifestation of a poor tortured soul.