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Event Location Shepton Mallet Prison
Date and Time 26/04/2019  -  8pm until 3am
Event  Address HMP Shepton Mallet Shepton Mallet??Somerset BA4 5LU.
Price £65

Ghost Hunt Event Photo Shepton Mallet PrisonThe Southern Ghost Society team's next big prison adventure takes you to the infamous Cornhill, HMP Shepton Mallet and we are giving you the opportunity to join the us as we attempt to uncover what now lies in this abandoned Category C penitentiary.

Built in 1610, this grade II listed prison offers over 400 years of dark history making Cornhill the oldest jail in the country. In the 1600, the former house of correction would have offered very little in the way of sanitation which would have led to the spread of Smallpox as well as other deadly diseases. Once these diseases took hold, many would have died a painful death and due to the infections and the worry of further spread, many would have been buried around the prison yard in unmarked graves.

Moving forward in history, your jail time would have not got any easier in fact conditions were said to be at its most brutal. In 1823, inmates would have been subject to hard labour in the form of a Treadwheel. Time at the Treadwell was gruelling as men would be made to tread the wheel for countless hours taking them to breaking point.
Cornhill was used as the main site for executions in the county of Somerset between the years of 1889 and 1926 and although the exact number of deaths by this method is unknown, it is thought that countless men and women lost their lives.

In the Second World War, the prison was taken over by British and Americans troops and by the end of 1944, it is said that 16 Americans were hanged and 2 were executed by firing squads for crimes that included rape and murder. The British military used the prison, specifically cell 10 to house and protect many important historical documents. It has been said that in its time the room was home to Lord Nelsons logbook from the HMS Victory, the Doomsday Book, a copy of the Magna Carter and even a signed agreement by Neville Chamberlain and Hitler himself.

A white woman apparition has been report wandering the now empty labyrinth of hallways and cells. In recent times staff of the prison have reported seeing Ghostly American Servicemen wandering aimlessly as they would have done when they were stationed here.

Executions, death, torture, pain and suffering, With all this history it is not a surprise that countless storries of paranormal activity have been reported through the years.

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