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Event Location Steelhouse Lane Lock-up
Date and Time 28/03/2020  -  8pm to 2am
Event  Address Steelhouse Lane, Birmingham
Price £40.00

Ghost Hunt Event Photo Steelhouse Lane Lock-upOpened in 1892, Steelhouse Lane Lock-up is a Grade II listed prison which remained opened and incarcerated prisoners for over 100 years.

This infamous prison would have had two main functions throughout the years, the first was to house prisoners waiting to go to the Magistrates court via an underground tunnel used to stop escape and the second was as a custody facility for the Birmingham Central area.

This spooky prison would have held both Male and Female prisoners at the same time however female prisoners would have been originally held on the smaller side of the building. It was not until the 70s when regulation required all women inmates to be moved to the top floor that things changed. Prior to this there was a gender separation wall which spans all three floors of the lock-up. There were originally around 70 cells spread across three floors which can be entered at ground level in the basement and still has the original kitchen along with access to the upper floors. As the prison is grade II listed, this will mean that along with some modern features you will get an view of what conditions would have been like at this haunted lock up.

In the 1800s, two Birmingham City Police officers were killed by an angry mob who assaulted the officers when trying to free prisoners. Throughout the years this amazing lockup has been home to countless criminals the likes of the notorious serial killer Fred West and even played home to the original Peaky Blinders street gang.

With a venue this historic and a site which played home to thousands of prisoners for well over 100 years, there is no surprise the countless ghost sightings and reported paranormal experiences.

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Ghost Hunting Event Photo of Steelhouse Lane Lock-up  Birmingham
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