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Event Location HM Prison Kingston
Date and Time 25/04/2020  -  8pm until 3am
Event  Address 122 Milton Rd, Portsmouth PO3 6AR
Event Sold Out

Ghost Hunt Event Photo HM Prison KingstonSouthern Ghost Society after years of trying have been given access to conduct a paranormal ghost investigation at the historic Kingston prison and we are pleased to offer you the opportunity to join us.

Constructed between 1874 and 1877, this spooky Gaol was the last of nineteen ‘Pentonville’ radial prisons to be constructed which consisted of an octagonal central hall with five wings leading from this central point. Although we all know this amazing building to be the home to some of the United Kingdoms hardened criminals, the building was also used as a Boys' borstal and even a police station.

With Portsmouth deep naval history and involvement in the war it’s no surprise that the Gaol doubled as a Naval Detention Quarters and police station in WWII but came under attack and was bombed in 1941 which saw damage to the western wall.

When capital punishment for murder was abolished in 1965, Kingston began exclusively to hold inmates serving life sentences and became the only prison in the United Kingdom to have a unit exclusively for elderly male prisoners serving life sentences.

The prison formally closed on 28 March 2013 following a report from Her Majesty's Chief Inspector of Prisons which stated that Kingston provided unacceptable conditions for its inmates. The damming report highlighted that movement in the unit was severely restricted, there was not enough natural light and had poor ventilation.

With Over 280 years of history there is no wonder that many visitors claim to have experienced paranormal activity. With reports of door slamming, unexplained voices and even the poltergeist activity we can’t wait to spend 8hrs locked in this amazing location

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Ghost Hunting Event Photo of HM Prison Kingston  Portsmouth
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