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Event Location HM Prison Dorchester
Date and Time 16/05/2020  -  8pm until 3am
Event  Address 7 N Square, Dorchester DT1 1JD
Price £57.00

Ghost Hunt Event Photo HM Prison DorchesterThe Southern Ghost Society team are pleased to be able to offer you the opportunity to join us at this amazing location for our first ever visit.

Costing just £18,000 to build, the Victorian style Dorchester Prison was completed in 1795 and is believed to be built on the site of the old medieval castle which dates back even further to 1154.

As pertinent to many prison throughout the United Kingdom, Dorchester Gaol has played host to countless executions and numerous deaths and it has been reported that many criminals who lost their lives are still buried below the prison today.

The world famous author and poet Thomas Hardy was said to have witness Martha Browns death on the site who was last woman to be hanged in Dorset. Hardy went on to write Tess of the d'Urbervilles in 1891 which was undoubtedly inspired by his experience of watching Brown’s death although he wrote 70 years later that he was ashamed to have been there and the hanging.

On 10th August in 1858, James Seale was the last person to be hung for murder at the gates of Dorchester prison as the Victorian age could no longer tolerate public executions as entertainment.

Moving forward in time it was announced that any human remains buried in the prison grounds would need to be exhumed ahead of any redevelopment which tells a story that many more lost souls are expected to be uncovered.

This amazing location has a long dark history of death and executions and with countless criminals still thought to be buried in unmarked graves underneath the prison there is no wonder this is fast becoming a paranormal hotspot.

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Ghost Hunting Event Photo of HM Prison Dorchester  Dorchester
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