Southern Ghost Society - COVID REGULATIONS

At Southern Ghost Society we have taken COVID rules and regulations very seriously and as we ease out of full lock down your safety is our main priority as we try to get back to normal.

As the UK start to change their rulings further, we are looking to maintain the main safety measure for the remainder of 2021 until we are fully confident, we can return to normal.

Your Commitment to SGS
  1. At booking stage, you will be required to agree with our COVID rulings before purchasing your ticket.
  2. You will be required to sign into a venue using their QR code via the mobile application.
  3. You will be required to sign our attendance sheet which will act as additional ‘Track and Trace’
  4. Subject to medical exemption, you are required wear face masks when investigating with us on location.
  5. Hand sanitiser stations will be available throughout the location, for your regular use.
  6. We ask you to maintain social distancing throughout the event and even if you know someone in another group, we ask you to maintain your bubble and stay in your allocated group.
  7. If you or any of your party show symptoms of COVID or been directed to self-isolate before the event, contact SGS as soon as possible. This could result in non-attendance at the event.
  8. Please only touch surfaces you need to interact with. Please do not move chairs, tables etc or equipment that has been pre-set out prior to your arrival.
Our Commitment to you
  1. We will be using staggered arrival times to ensure you can socially distance and we can control numbers arriving at any of our venues.
  2. At venues where possible, separate meeting areas will be set up to maintain social distancing and you will be shown to your area where we ask that you use throughout down time.
  3. Where we can, we will still be offering refreshments however if we are unable, we will notify you prior to your attendance to ensure you have the time to prepare and bring your own. Where possible, individual team refreshment areas will be provided. Please note – we reserve the right not to offer refreshments where we feel that offering drinks will pose a risk to your social distancing.
  4. Investigation groups will be allocated before your arrival and will not exceed 6 attendees. You maybe have additional team leaders for additional support and safety
  5. Your Paranormal Team boxes and additional equipment will be cleaned before each event, at the end of each session and after each use.
  6. Investigation techniques maybe reduced depending on the buildings we are investigating and subject to your team. In your welcome briefing any restrictions will be discussed.