Galleries Of Justice
  • Galleries Of Justice

  • Event Date : Saturday, 16 November 2013
  • Start Time  : 8pm
  • End Time    : 3am
  • Address      : The Lace Market, High Pavement, National Justice Museum Nottingham NG1 1HN

About this location

A Saxon settlement sat on the grounds of the Galleries of Justice since 600AD, The period known as the dark ages. Although there is no confirmation that the site was used for justice, Archaeologists have already unearthed some links to imprisonment and punishment.

Moving forward in history to 1125AD, The Normans appointed a sheriff to collect taxes and have said to have located him on this site. Although there is no evidence that this is true, the site was known as Sheriffs Hall.

Two Sheriffs linked to the local area were Gerard de Atia and Philip Marc. Both barbaric in their own right were known to use all manor of underhanded tactics to line their own pockets. Held with such fear and despise, they were even mentioned in Magna Carta.

Two pivotal dates in the sites history give us the first real evidence of the sites dark history. 1375AD is when it was first documented as a court room and 1449AD as a prison.

Early in the 17th Century the building was in dire need of refurbishment which was over looked until 1724AD when the courtroom floor collapsed leaving a shocked judge looking as as solicitors, jury, public and the accused all went crashing in to the cellars. After Squabbling it eventually got some attention in 1770AD which is the building you still see today.

When the Victorians overhauled the prison system, The gaol was closed due to its appalling conditions and it lay empty from 1878 until 1995.

Hangings, Torture and punishment would have been what awaited you during your time here and due to the conditions and treatment, Hanging may have been your best option.

Our nights investigation will see us spend the night in the famous Court rooms, caves and even the Condemned mans Cell where many a guilty prisoner spent their last few hours awaiting the end.

With Dark shadow figures, The touch of unseen hands and the feeling of dread to all who visit

Included on this event

  • Use Of Equipment
  • Refreshments