Blackfriars Priory
  • Blackfriars Priory

  • Event Date : Saturday, 12 July 2014
  • Start Time  : 9pm
  • End Time    : 4am
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About this location

The Blackfriars or Dominicans as known to some first came to Gloucester in 1239 on a site that had once been part of a Norman castle.

Instigated by Sir Stephen de Hermshall, funded Henry III the building work started immediately through to 1270 when the home for some 40 Friars was complete. The monks that lived at Blackfriars had to take on traditional monastic vows of chastity, obedience and poverty, and would attend church nine times a day. The Friars were an integral part of the church establishment and remained so for over two centuries until 1539 when as little of 6 remained.

A local alderman called Sir Thomas Bell who was mayor of Gloucester bought the Gloucester Blackfriars for just 240 and converted the church into a mansion and the other buildings into a weaving factory for over 300 townspeople.

The old church which was being converted into a mansion that saw the removal of the narrow side aisles and the instillation of new floors, windows and fireplaces. Thomas Bell died in 1566 the property then passed into the hands of the Dennis family who held it until the late seventeenth century.

Moving forward in history the Priory seemed to change hands and purpose many times from a stonemason's workshop, Private School and family homes. In 1991 the remains of a women and child was discovered indicating that Blackfriars may have been operating as a hospital or hospice for the families of benefactors. Excavations outside the immediate area of the Priory have revealed a graveyard under the area outside the North Range, now used as a car park. Excavations have also revealed evidence of a Roman road and a very large number of medieval burials, the density of which suggest that the graveyard may contain some 1500 people.

Will you encounter the man in Black robes thought to be a monk who never left. Reports of footsteps, dark figures, unexplained noises and even doors locking on their own its sure to be a night to remember.

Join us.

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