Victoria House
  • Victoria House

  • Event Date : Friday, 06 October 2017
  • Start Time  : 8pm
  • End Time    : 2am
  • Address      : Southampton SO31 4NA

About this location

Whilst walking through, meeting or eating in Victoria House have you ever stopped to think about the amazing history of this site and to wonder whether the spirit of the past might still remain in the present ?

Victoria House originally opened in 1870 as part of the huge Royal Victoria Military Hospital and was a dedicated asylum facility for military personnel who were believed to be suffering from mental illness. Its construction was in response to the Lunacy Act of 1845 which stated that the mad could be brought back to sanity?. It is now known that the psychiatric conditions being treated were, most likely, shellshock or PTSD, however, at the time, this illness was not well understood and treatment at Victoria House was, by modern standards, highly experimental and often extremely cruel, leading to a significant number of suicides and escape attempts by patients.

The nature of the building and the perceived risk to the local community from patients explains its location in the far corner of the hospital complex, the high walls around the House and the fact that the original windows could only be opened a few inches. Inside, the apparently light and spacious design disguised padded cells and heavy prison-like doors. The House initially treated patients from the Crimean War and demand soared during WW1 as a result of the emergence of shellshock requiring temporary extensions to be built. Treatment in what was known as D block included rest, hypnotism and electric shock treatment. Suspicion that patients were cowards faking illness to escape warfare were fuelled by Sunday enforced marches with local people viewing them as cowards.

Hampshire Constabulary took over Victoria House in 1980 and the then derelict building was sensitively restored to the former glory of its original magnificent Victorian structure.

Southern Ghost Society is delighted to be able to offer an opportunity to conduct a paranormal investigation night to remember at Victoria House and this event is exclusive to Hampshire Constabulary employees. Our initial ghost hunt revealed a magnitude of apparently paranormal activity, including shadowy figures, unexplained sounds of footsteps and voices when there was no-one there, sudden drops in temperature, lights switching on and off, superb sťances with contact being made with former patients? we could go on, but would not want to influence or spoil your own discoveries. Victoria House is definitely one of the most paranormally active sites of all those we have explored and we would love you to join us and participate in this exciting investigation

Included on this event

  • Parking
  • Use of Equipment
  • Refreshments