Valentines Mansion
  • Valentines Mansion

  • Event Date : Saturday, 23 June 2012
  • Start Time  : 11pm
  • End Time    : 5am
  • Address      : London

About this location

Valentine's Mansion - is it as romantic as it sounds, or does this superb 300 year old house hold fascinating secrets just waiting to be uncovered ? Southern Ghost Society has an opportunity to be one of the first to investigate potential paranormal activity at this venue, which has recently undergone significant renovation.

The house was built in 1696 for Elizabeth Tillotson, by her son James Chadwick and she moved her family into the property after her husband, the then Archbishop of Canterbury, passed away. Elizabeth was Oliver Cromwell's niece. The name Valentine's is thought to date back to a cottage formerly on the site which belonged to a poor family called Valentine. Can our paranormal investigation awaken some of the ghosts associated with the Mansion during such an incredible historical era ?

Many people have had the privilege of owning Valentine's and its land. These include Robert Surman who developed the magnificent gardens and Sir Charles Raymond who recreated the property in Georgian style in the 1760s. For the gardeners amongst you, a vine called 'Black Hamburg' was planted in the gardens and a cutting was taken to Hampton Court in 1769 and amazingly still flourishes today. Sir Charles was a Captain in the famous East India Company and named one of the ships he owned Valentine's after his home. Over time, there were three ships called Valentine's, the last of which set sail from Portsmouth in 1777 en route to India. Having run aground and having to have major repairs, it was later used in the war against the French.

In 1840 the estate was bought by Charles Thomas Holcombe who moved in with his family, including his 16 year old niece Sarah Oakes. Sarah Ingleby, as she became upon marriage, was the last owner and died in 1906.

In the early part of the 20th Century, the property and lands, under ownership of Ilford Borough were used to house refugees from Belgium during the First World War and thereafter was a centre for the Health Department, focusing on vaccinations and dentistry. The last functional usage of this fantastic site right up to 1993 was as offices for the Housing Department.

Join us on this ghost hunt to step back in time and help us uncover, through the spirits which must remain in this amazing site, the real truth about Valentine's Mansion.

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