News   -     06 August 2015
Posted By: Dan Marchant

Oxford Castle Ghost Hunt 6th June 2015

Well, what can we can about Oxford Castle……………. Amazing !!

The team along with 18 society members decided to take on the mammoth task of investigating on 6th June 2015.

For those that have not been to the castle, the venue is split into 3 very separate areas and is an ideal location for a ghost hunt investigation.  Area 1 is the Saxon Tower which consists of two rooms and a spiral stair case that leads to the top and offers some of the best views around. Area 2 is the prison wing which consists of 2 floors and a selection of cells. The remaining area is the dark and spooky Crypt which lies beneath the prison area and even on the walk around with the lights on some of the team members felt an uneasy feeling upon entering.

The first team to investigate the crypt decided to start a séance whilst strategically placing the equipment at the entrance and exit to capture any movements. K11 meters, Mel metres and other trigger objects were placed around the room to capture as much as possible.  Once the team had started they came into contact with a young boy of 11 years who claimed to have been at the castle for a number of years. This boy also claimed to be there with 6 others and although he came through with limited information, he was very good with number and even when the team leader left and brought back more people, the boy guessed the numbers correct. I would like to add that the team on the board could not see the total number of people due to the positioning of the séance.

The Saxon tower was a very interesting area for the teams as there seem to be very little response when it came to the communication side i.e. Boards and Dowsing, but more interesting on the equipment side such as the K11, REM POD and motion detectors. One team set up there motion detector on the stairs and no sooner had they began to call out, the beam was broken which sounded the alarm. Despite setting this again in exactly the same area and asking for it to happen again, sadly it never did. The next group that investigated this area reported footsteps on the stairs and in one of the rooms the distinct smell of lavender. The lavender smell was interesting to us as the group prior to them had brief contact with a female who claimed to be held at the tower against her will. Could she be the one giving off the lavender smell?

The last area to report on was the Cell area. This was undoubtedly the biggest area we had to investigate and most active. The first group to investigate this area split into two groups to cover as much ground as possible. The group in the padded cell area reported banging on request and seemingly in response to the questions asked. One of the members reported being touched on the ear when she asked for an indication of where the spirit was in the room. This contacted became very interesting as he gave his name as John. John claimed to have been at the jail between 1820 and 1839 and claimed to have been put in the padded cell due to his anger.  John was the eldest son but not the eldest child in his family. He also claimed to have died in prison due to natural causes.

The next team to enter the prison found the beginning a little slow until they put the REM Pod in the stepper. Once they began to call out the REM Pod started to react so the filming began. To their amazement they managed to capture a light which seemed to change shape and then come towards the team member. As soon as the lights seem to disappear into team member,  he reported an electrical charge and the feeling of pins and needles which seemed to travel through him. Naturally this was a person experience however to have captured the light backs up his claim as it disappeared into this body.

This was only Saturday so naturally we need to review the footage on our cameras and voice recorders. If we have anything interesting we will be posting it on the site as soon as we can.

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Thanks again to everyone that came to this location and of course the SGS team.

On to the next……….

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