News   -     14 July 2015
Posted By: Dan Marchant

Our Visit to The Ram

Last weekend was our annual visit to The Ram and as a team we were all very excite about our return. The Ram has to be most of the team’s favourite locations so there is no wonder we had over 50 ticket requests for this event.

Due to the size we were only able to take 10 people which would then make up two team of 6 when you include both me and Lee.

For those that know The Ram, it consists of two areas, the lower and upper floors. The ground floor consists of the main room with the grave and then the garage area. The upper floors consist of the two bedrooms known as the Witches and Bishops rooms, and then the attic space. As a team we decided to split into two group so try and control the noise as much as we could.

The team that investigated the lower floors first experienced dark shadows around the garage area which coincided with interaction on the motion detectors. The group also tried communication via the board but despite some initial movement, no messages came through.

The second team recorded interaction with their trigger object balls in the attic area but apr from that; they had quite a quiet night.

The strangest incident of them all was as both the teams were packing up, the fire alarm triggered downstairs which then triggered the upstairs for a split second. The alarm is wired up to the mains and to reset would have taken a member of the team to override on the main circuit board which did not happen. Now we cannot say that was paranormal, although we never got to the bottom of what triggered the alarm.

This was only Saturday so naturally we need to review the footage on our cameras and voice recorders. If we have anything interesting we will be posting it on the site as soon as we can.

For our pictures please see our Gallery page

For our videos please see our video clip page

For our EVP clips please see the EVP recording page

Thanks again to everyone that came to this location and of course the SGS team.

On to the next……….

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