News   -     13 October 2015
Posted By: Dan Marchant

Northwood House


Southern Ghost Society became the first team to spend the entire night at this 85 room mansion house.

Due to the nature of the event, the team decided to keep the event private in order to fully investigate the building.

Northwood house offered the team a plethora of areas to investigate with a history that dated back across the ages. The building is split over 4 areas comprising of:

  • Basement with tunnels
  • Ground floor with Ball room, Dining room, Egypt Corner, Library, Rotunda room, Lady’s room
  • First Floor – Standard bedrooms, Standard Suites and Royal Suites
  • Servants Quarters – Countless rooms and living

The team split into 3 groups of 7 to split over the building equally. The group investigating the basement no sooner had they started reported loud footsteps in the crush corridor above. They dismissed the noise off as the group above until it got louder and more often. The team decided to send someone up there to investigate the noise and to their surprise they were met by the team above who were about to complain about the noise disturbing their investigation. This was equally as strange as Roger, from the team on the first floor stopped his session to investigate a shadow that he though he saw in the very corridor where the noise was reported. This proved to be a common theme throughout the evening.

The next team to investigate this area also reported a shadow moving from the dining room across the crush corridor into the lady’s room. The Library also proved to be an interesting with the REMPOD reacting to questions being asked by member of the team. The team also recorded music from this area.

The team witnessed disturbances on their equipment on request in the Rotunda room with the K11 meter flashing from green to red whilst questioning.

The servant’s quarters proved another interesting area with two of the investigating teams recording unexplained occurrences. The first team recorded footsteps from one of the corridor along with the sound of a loud bang in a room that was locked off with no one in. The second group also recorded the sound of banging in the servants rooms and a whistle which was witnessed by the group present, the team on live stream and even caught on the EVP recorder.

The team felt very privileged to be able to spend 12 hours investigating this amazing building and due to the time spend they are still reviewing the footage. As soon as we get any further evidence we will post on our site

If you want to see how the team got on then please visit:

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Thanks again to everyone that came to this location and of course the SGS team.

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