Explosion Museum at Priddy's Hard Ghost Hunt

Priddy's Hard, Gosport, Hampshire

Explosion Museum at Priddy's hard portsmouth hampshire

The magnificent Explosion ! The Museum of Naval Firepower, is based within 18th century listed buildings at the Royal Navy's former armaments depot of Priddy's Hard, in Gosport. Its displays show the history of naval firepower from gunpowder through to Exocet missiles.
Since its completion in 1756, this depot has played an active part in conflicts from the Napoleonic Wars to the Falklands War. The land upon which the buildings were constructed was purchased by the Board of Ordnance from Jane Priddy after whom the site is named and formed a major part of the defenses of Portsmouth Harbour and Dockyard.

Supplies of Gunpowder were moved from Portsmouth to the safer location of Priddy’s Hard and, over the years, the site grew to house a magazine, offices, workers cottages, stables and Officers’ accommodation, forming a major Royal Navy Armaments Depot supplying warships, including HMS Victory with necessary munitions. 

During the 19th Century in response to developing means of weaponry, shell filling rooms were constructed, together with a narrow gauge railway to facilitate transport.

The site played a vital role in both world wars and female workers were first introduced in WW1.  During WW11 replacing men on active service, over 2500 women were employed in munitions’ production.   The Falklands War was the last time the site saw naval activity and it was eventually closed down in 1988.

Reported Paranormal Activity

There have been many reports of paranormal activity at this location, including strange knocking on doors and the unexplained sound of footsteps.
What causes a heavy chain to swing for no apparent reason and is the reported unnatural gust of wind really the spirit of a labourer who died at the scene ?

Will we witness the manifestation of Edward George McBride on the exact same spot where he was killed nearly 90 years ago ?


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