Guys Cliffe House Ghost Hunt

Warwick, Warwickshire

Guys Cliffe House

The name Guy's Cliffe comes from the legendary Sir Guy of Warwick who was said to have retired on the site in the 14th Century

The house and grounds has been occupied since Saxon times and Sir Guy of Warwick was said to have led the founding of a chantry established in 1423 and the chapel of St Mary Magdelene still remains. Henry VIII passed the site into private hands after the dissolution of the monasteries and that's how it remained into the 17th Century.

The main house dates from 1751, started by a West Indian Merchant called Samuel Greatheed who was there from 1747 to 1761.
Throughout history Guys Cliffe has been used as a place of worship, a Red Cross Voluntary Aid Detachment Hospital and  during the Second World War as a Boys Home by the Waifs and Strays Society. In 1947 Guy's Cliffe House was brought with the intention of converting it into a hotel but as time passed by the house fell into disrepair. 

Guys cliffe House warwick

Aldwyn Porter purchased the house in 1955 and leased the chapel to the Freemasons and its connection still remains today. 

In 1966 the roof eventually gave way and fell in which left the house badly needing renovating. In 1992 during the filming of The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes a fire scene got out of control and seriously damaged the building leaving the ruins that you see today.

Southern Ghost Society have been given the opportunity to not only investigate the ruins but investigate the caves, cellars and even a Masonic Temple which makes this the ultimate ghost hunting venue.


Guys Cliffe House


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