Jamaica Inn Ghost Hunt

Bolventor, Launceston, Cornwall

Jamaica Inn ghost hunt event photo

Smugglers, pirates, contraband, the subject of a world famous novel and a classic Hitchcock film.  This is a rare opportunity for us to carry out a paranormal investigation at the infamous Jamaica Inn in Cornwall and determine whether fact is indeed stranger than fiction.

The Jamaica Inn Hotel can be found in an isolated location on the mysterious, desolate and atmospheric Bodmin Moor. It was originally opened in 1750 as a resting place for those travelling across the bleak moor by coach and horses and was extended in 1778 through the construction of stables and a coach house, forming the current fantastic site.


The rugged coastlines of Devon and Cornwall were perfect for secretly landing brandy, tea, silk, tobacco and rum in the country, the latter perhaps the reason behind the name of the Inn where smuggled goods were stored, although others believe that the name comes from the local landowning Trelawney family, two of whom were famous Governors of Jamaica.

Pirates lured ships onto the rocks and looted them for cargo, utilising over 100 secret routes from the coast via storage at the Inn and beyond.  The Inn, which was owned for a time by thriller writer Alistair MacClean has a fascinating Museum of Smuggling, providing an insight into its incredible and murky history.

The sign outside the Smuggler's Bar reads "Through these portals passed smugglers, wreckers, villains and murderers, but rest easy....t'was many years ago".  But have they all moved on ? 

In her 1936 novel, written after she had sought refuge at the Inn during dense fog and being told ghost stories about its fascinating history, Daphne du Maurier refers to the Jamaica Inn as "portraying a hidden world as a place of tense excitement and claustrophobia of real peril and thrill."    Are you brave enough to join us to follow in her footsteps and uncover the amazing ghostly activity and paranormal experience of this incredible ghost hunt location ?

Reported Paranormal Activity

Jamaica Inn is reputed to be one of the most haunted locations in the country with frequent reports of figures appearing in the bedrooms. horses hooves on the cobbled stones, voices in the bar speaking in an unrecognisable language, possibly the 18th century Cornish dialect.
The figure of a highwayman who passes through solid walls, unearthly footsteps walking along the corridor to the bar and who is the man whose figure is often seen sitting on the outside wall ?  
Could this be the ghost of a traveller who left his half finished ale, stepped outside and whose body was found the next day on the moor ?  No-one knows how he died or who killed him.  Does he keep returning to finish that drink ?

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