Marwell Hall Ghost Hunt

Thompsons Lane Colden Common, Winchester, Hampshire.

Marwell Hall Winchester

Built in the early 14th century by a relative of the Bishop of Winchester, Marwell Hall was originally a timber-framed structure, in size about 8 metres by 13 metres.

Over the centuries many alterations have been made, but the original medieval hall remains as the core of the building.

The Seymour family took ownership in the mid 1500s where Henry VIII is said to have been a frequent visitor. Legend says that he and his third wife, Jane Seymour, were married here.
Edward VI, the son of Jayne Seymour is said to have visited the Hall, and the Royal arms and the initials E.R. can be seen over the fireplace.


Moving forward to the 16th century, the hall played part in another bit of local history when a skirmish broke out between Roundheads and Cavaliers. In 1644 200 Cavaliers returned from a days drinking in Winchester decided to engage sixty of Sir William Waller's men. John Gully owned the great Hall between 1841 and 1852. John had 2 wife's, 24 kids and even survived a 64 round boxing match. John Gully also owned and trained race horses and later became MP for Pontefract.

The Marwell Hall you see today was built by the Long family. In 1798, William Long purchased the house and his family moved in. The main alterations were made to the Hall around 1816, and this is what you see today. 

Reported Paranormal Activity

Is the figure of the man seen lurking in the lower floors a previous owner, still wandering his home? 

Many have reported poltergeist activity with the staff members returning to rooms with their belongs spread all over the room. 

Or will we experience the sound of children playing among the corridors, or the sound of phantom footsteps coming from the attic? 


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