Merchistoun Hall Ghost Hunt  

106 Portsmouth Road Horndean, Hampshire.

Merchistoun Hall Horndean hampshire

Much has been written about the history of Merchistoun Hall , a grade 11 listed building with a fascinating history dating back to the 1660s.

The story began when John Franklin, whose family owned the site named Quallett’s Grove after yeoman Richard Quallett who bequeathed a still existing farmhouse and buildings, funded the construction of the current Hall in 1752. By 1805 John’s son Joseph had increased the size of the estate to 77 acres.


This grandiose residence encompassed a large hall, kitchen and bedrooms, which, in the 19th Century were frequented by high ranking military officers.  There are many features of architectural interest including a colonnade of 12 Tuscan columns.

The amazing naval military history of this site is embodied by Sir Charles Napier, son of Lady Sarah, the great grand-daughter of King George 11, who purchased the house in 1836 and renamed it Merchistoun Hall after his Scottish ancestral family home. The highly decorated Sir Charles commanded regiments in the Peninsular War against Napoleon and, as Major General in the Indian Army, helped quell insurrection against the British Empire.

The monument to this man, who suffered many injuries during service and became known to local residents towards the end of his life as an eccentric character wearing a farmer’s smock and carrying a monkey on his shoulder, lies in the churchyard in front of the ruined nave of the Royal Garrison Chapel in Portsmouth.

In WW11, a unit of the Royal Artillery was billeted in the Hall and grounds and the site was finally purchased by Horndean Community Association in the 1950s, using money donated by local residents.

Merchistoun Hall is now a lively community centre for groups events, corporate functions, theatre, pre-school, the arts and as a wedding venue and, over the coming months, the Hall and estate will be undergoing significant regeneration.

Reported Activity

With such an amazingly colourful history, we are always delighted to have the opportunity to investigate paranormal activity and to hunt for the ghosts who reportedly still haunt this incredible location.

There have been many sightings of a grey hooded figure wandering the grounds and contact has been made with spirits linked to events in the past of this historical location to mention just a few.  


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