Museum of Army Flying

Middle Wallop, near Andover, Hampshire.

army flying museum

located at Middle Wallop, near Andover in Hampshire immediately next to the still active training airfield base for the Army Air Corps is  The Museum of Army Flying a fascinating site for a paranormal investigation. 

Construction of the airfield started in 1938 and it was used by Hurricanes and Spitfires even before its full opening in 1940. During the Battle of Britain it was frequently targeted by air raids, suffering much damage and many casualties. 

The Museum displays over 100 years of military aviation history, ranging from
balloons and man lifting kites, to helicopters, gliders and a variety of aircraft.  You can even see a Soviet built self-propelled, radar guided anti aircraft weapon system seized from the Iraqi Army during the first Gulf War and previously used during the Cold War.


We were delighted to add this new location, which has rarely been investigated for paranormal activity, to our ghost hunt catalogue. This site with its amazing history offers great opportunity for paranormal investigation.

Dont forget to join us when we investigate  The Museum of Army Flying again  to see if we can make contact with any of  those brave servicemen and women who gave their lives defending our country.

Reported Paranormal activity

Might the spirits of those who died still haunt this site and be willing to do a ghostly fly-past visit for us ? 

Could the figure seen around the site be the ghost of a woman killed by a bomb whilst riding her bike at the airfield ?

Is it their strange footsteps which have been heard or their shadows which have been seen, when there appears to be no-one there and will we discover the identity of a small boy, whose ghostly apparition has been seen sitting in one of the helicopters ? 


Museum of Army Flying


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