Preston Manor Ghost Hunt

Preston Park , Brighton, East Sussex.

Ghost Hunt photo Preston Manor Brighton

Preston Manor has a long-established reputation as a site of paranormal activity, and it has been described as one of Britain's most haunted houses. Ghosts allegedly that have been seen since the 19th century include a grey-clad woman, a blonde woman who revealed herself to be an excommunicated nun, a floating hand and a toy tractor-riding phantom.

The Southern Ghost Society Team investigated the wonderful Preston Manor located in Brighton. First mentioned in the doomsday book of 1086 and has a long history of ghosts haunting this magnificent building includes a murdered nun, monks and bodies buried on the grounds.

The original building to has been rebuilt and added to over time and is now a wonderful museum making Preston Manor a unique location to investigate. The build now stands as a living reminder to bygone days.


The Manor was bought by the Stanford family in 1794 and for 138 years was their family home. Since the deaths of Ellen and Charles Thomas-Stanford in 1932, when they bequeathed the house, grounds and contents to the town council, Preston Manor has remained a living testament to the Stanford family and their contribution to Brighton & Hove’s heritage. Much of the manor remains exactly as it was the day the manor was last occupied by the Stanford family.  

When entering Preston Manor it's just like the Stanford family have just popped out for the day and will be home later. At night you can imagine what living in this building with ghosts and spirits was like over the past 500 years.

Preston Manor has a long history of ghostly phenomena and supernatural experiences. The Stanford family were particularly troubled by sightings of the lady in white, while a lady in grey apparently ascended and descended the main staircase disappearing into nowhere.

Early in 1897, the skeleton of a middle-aged woman, whose remains were dated to the 16th century by a doctor, was found behind the house during building work; it was secretly buried on consecrated ground in St Peter's churchyard, with help from the Stanford family.

We would love you to join us on our next exciting paranormal investigation of this impressive the story manor house, through which we can gain an insight into past times and, with the help of the ghosts of those who still frequent the site, relive the spirit of Preston Manor. 

Reported Paranormal activity

The nun was brutally murdered and her remains was not found until 400 years later , Agnes does not just haunt the manor she also haunts the graveyard nearby looking for a proper burial.

A grey-clad female ghost was reported several times throughout the 20th century.

The southwest side of the building is apparently a focus for paranormal activity: strange noises, objects being moved, dresses being cut with regular patterns of holes, and doors opening and shutting were all reported there.

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