The Red Lion Southampton

High Street, Southampton.

the red lion pub southampton hampshire

Situated in the High Street below the Bargate and within the old walled town of Southampton lies one of the oldest and spooky inns in the city

The pubs cellar is of Norman vintage dating back to the 12th century, but parts of the upper structure of the Inn, which has been considerably altered, are of Tudor origin.

The most attractive part of the Inn's interior decor is the fine half timbered apartment known as Henry V's 'Court Room'. This was used for the trial of Richard, Earl of Cambridge, Lord Scrope of Masham and Sir Thomas Grey of Heton, all of whom conspired against the life and crown of Henry V in 1415, immediately prior to Henry's departure from Southampton to Agincourt.

The trial was a famous landmark in English history. The conspirators were found guilty of high treason, condemned to death and summarily executed outside the Bargate. A rubbing from the stone describing the execution can be found in the 'Court Room'.


Reported Paranormal Activity

The Red Lion boasts in excess of 20 ghosts and with it's extensive history it's not surprising! Michael Carstairs haunts the bar area after hanging himself from the gallery on 4th April 1932, four men sit round the fire enjoying a drink, an old barmaid walks the gallery as well as a man who you can only see from the knees up due to the floor level rising over the years amongst many more. Bobby the young boy who likes to play on ghost events.

Staff and regulars have seen an old lady behind the bar floating along.She is supposed to be an ex employee who fell down the stairs

The court room  is still there , many seances have occurred here with various results. Electrical equipment often switches off and the whole place has a distinct ghostly feel , not surprising for a pub that was built in 1148.

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