Rifles Museum Ghost Hunt

The Wardrobe, 58 The Close, Salisbury, Wiltshire.

Ghost Hunt Event Photo Rifles Museum salisbury

"The Wardrobe" as its known locally is reportedly one of the most paranormally active venues in the South of England. 

The land dates back to the 13th Century and although the building is relatively new parts of the structure can be traced back to the 1540's and although not in the house itself, allegedly King Charles II is said to have housed his servant on this site when he fled the plague in 1600's

What makes this an interesting location is the fact that there has been so many reported instances with some of the earliest dating back to the Second World War which at the time was used as a hostel.

The Rifle's has a fast growing reputation for its poltergeist activity with doors slamming, books flying off shelves and significant temperature drops. 

Reported Paranormal Activity

The latest reports are of two figures wandering the ground and first floor. A Cavalier has been seen marching from room to room and the calm figure of a grey lady has been seen throughout the building. 

With all these reports we just had to visit this amazing location


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