Shaw House Ghost Hunt

Church Road, Newbury, Berkshire.

Shaw House NewburyShaw House was built in 1581 by Thomas Dolman who made his money as a clothier in Newbury. In the October of 1644 the house witnessed the Second Battle of Newbury and although the house remained unscathed, hundreds of soldiers died in a standoff and many believe this plays a large part in the ghostly encounters witnessed on the estate, the ground and the main house.

Shaw House stood empty until 1728, when the Duke of Chandos bought the estate. The Duke (James Brydges) improved the grounds between 1729 and 1737 however he kept within the framework established by the Dolman family. During the Second World War Shaw House was requisitioned and used by the British, American and Canadian armies.
Moving on in time, Shaw House began a new life as a school for local children but sadly in 1985 it was evacuated as there were major concerns about the structure of the building.

The building consists of 4 levels including a basement where people have reported a ghost voice and an unwelcome presence. The ground floor consists of 5 rooms which include a grand banquet hall which would have been used to host lavish parties and gatherings.
The upper floors boast 9 investigation areas including a room full of artefacts from the house. Could the combination of the vast history and key possessions that still remain be responsible for the countless paranormal sightings?

Reported Paranormal Activity

The unique feature in relation to the paranormal claims at Shaw House is that many have reported full body apparitions throughout the many rooms as well as the sound of battle on the lawns.

Will you encounter the ghostly lady seen waiting on the grand staircase?

Or witness the cries of battle from the spirits of soldiers still trying to defend the house?



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