The Cage Ghost Hunt

14 Colchester Road St. Osyth Clacton-On-Sea Essex.

The cage private haunted  house in Essex

The Cage is a fantastic ghost hunt venue to investigate paranormal activity. We spent the night imprisoned inside the notorious Cage in St. Osyth. This amazing location is always a night to remember as we attempt to uncover what has made so many of its previous owners flee in terror.

During the 15th Century the town of St. Osyth became engulfed with tales of the dark arts and witch craft and this amazing location boast the incarceration of one of the most famous and feared witch in our history......Ursula Kemp!

In the famous witch trials in St. Osyth in 1582 13 village women were accused of witch craft, many of them were imprisoned, but only Ursula and Elizabeth were executed after a long imprisonment in The Cage. 

Ursula Kemp the most powerful and notorious of all the women, she made a living as a nurse maid and midwife to the local villagers, she also had a reputation of removing spells from folk who thought they were being attacked by black magic, she was a healer and many would go to her for potions and cures for illness.

The Cage Essex

Ursula was asked by Grace Thurlowe a local women to cure her son of illness, which Ursula did with success, witness reports swore that Ursula had cured by the boy by incantations. Grace Thurlowe went back to Ursula and asked that she may cure her of arthritis, Ursula suggested a cure she claimed she had learnt from an old wise women, Ursula asked for one shilling payment but Grace refused to pay and her conditioned worsened. At this point Grace decided to make a complaint to Lord Brain Darcy and the witch trials began.

Reported Paranormal Activity

It is reported that two women still terrorise any one who dares to step foot in The Cage, seeking justice for their untimely deaths?

Owner after owner have fled in terror, unable to cope with the constant strange occurrences.

Doors slamming, latches rattling and the sound of ghostly footstep its no wonder that The Cage has been up for sale more than any other property in the village.

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