The Falcon Hotel Ghost Hunt

Fawley, Southampton, Hampshire

Falcon Hotel Fawley Hampshire

The Falcon Hotel, a fascinating eighteenth century pub is a historical landmark in the village centre of Fawley.  The original public house was constructed in the 1700s and was named  New Inn.  Over time it was renamed The Ship, then finally became The Falcon in 1779.  The pub was rebuilt in 1850 and still retains much of the character from that time.

One of the main features is the secret tunnel, accessed via the remaining cellar.  Although this is now bricked up just a few metres in, it originally lead right down to  the coast and history suggests that it was used by smugglers.

The most famous resident of The Falcon is its first landlord, Mr Waterman, who, it is reported, died after being knocked over by a horse and carriage nearby. You can see the earthly embodiment of this first landlord, who allegedly frequently haunts the pub, is captured in a black and white photograph on the wall of one of the two bars.

Reported paranormal activity

There have been reports of 7 different ghosts who haunt this site, not least the spirit of landlord Mr Waterman, who., it is said, regularly wanders around his former premises.

In addition,  fruit machines turned off at night have been found switched back on in the morning.

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