The Lamb Inn Ghost Hunt

 18-20 Church Street, Theale, Reading

The Lamb InnBuilt in 1487, this spooky coaching inn claims to be one of the oldest buildings in Theale. The now breakfast room at the front of the inn sits beneath a large thatched roof and is home to an imposing fireplace bearing the royal coat of arms of Henry VII dated between 1485 and 1589.

The Village of Theale became known for its coaching inns and it is said that throughout history the infamous Dick Turpin was said to have stayed at the inn and was said to have hidden in a secret room in the Old Lamb.

In main building there are two main investigation areas down stairs and one double bedroom above where there have been countless claims of the eerie smell of old cigar smoke when due to the thatched roof no smoking is permitted anywhere in the building. Previous guests have also reported feeling of such dread and even claim to have been scratched in the eerie room that now it sits vacant.

Out back, on the site of the old stables sit 19 single rooms which all have their own ghostly tail. Tails of an old stable boy, thought to have ran from a disturbance only to fall and be hung in a tragic accident. Is the boy responsible for the ghostly figure seen walk from room to room, or the strange smells witnessed by many a guest.

With so much history to investigate, tails of a notorious highway man and countless paranormal sighting you would be crazy to miss this opportunity.



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