The Nothe Fort Ghost Hunt

Barrack Road Weymouth, Dorset

Northe Fort Weymouth Dorset

Nothe Fort, one of the best remaining examples of a Victorian structure of its kind in the Country, is located at the entrance to the harbour at Weymouth, is steeped in decades of military history and has stunning views of the Jurassic Coast.

Construction of Nothe Fort started in 1862 with the creation of a sea wall to form a level building site for the Fort itself. However, the contractor given this task ran out of money and progression of the project became the responsibility of the Royal Engineers. The resultant magnificent Fort opened in 1872 and is on three levels, the lower one used to store gunpowder and shells, the middle (Gun Deck) level housed 12 canons and accommodation for soldiers and the high level forms the ramparts.

A labyrinth of fascinating underground passageways was constructed to facilitate the movement of munitions.

As time passed and developments in artillery capability were implemented, major structural work was needed to bear the weight of the larger, heavier canons.

Nothe Fort continued to play a vital role in the defence of the increasingly important naval base at Portland Harbour, however, it was only in WW11 that the Fort saw enemy action, with the attack coming from the air.

By 1956 coastal defences of the kind provided by the Fort were no longer required and the site was used for naval stores. In 1961 the Navy sold off the Fort to the local Borough Council and, unfortunately, being unoccupied, it became derelict. Thankfully, due to the Manpower Services Scheme, volunteers and the Weymouth Civic Society, it was restored and served as a nuclear shelter for civil administration during the Cold War.

The Fort is now a superb tourist attraction with all its military paraphernalia on show to the public.


Reported Paranormal Activity

For years, people have reported the paranormal activity of the Whistling Gunner in the passageways, with experiences of unexplained sounds likened to steam train whistles or air raid sirens.

What causes the doors to bang or the tapping frequently heard in the passageways and which spirits still speak softly in the dark ?

A white figure has been seen on the parapet and up to 5 ghosts walk along the terraces.

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