Name Beth Megan Smith

Team Role

Tech Support

Favourite Equipment / Investigation Technique

An Audio recorder and environmental data logger placed outside a building being investigated.  They have been so helpful in being able to either prove or disprove events recorded inside the investigation, it would be difficult to work conclusively without them.

Quiet observation, listening carefully and calling out with tailored questions.

Favourite Venue

Towers Hospital in Leicester (unfortunately no longer standing)

Best Experience

At the Towers Hospital, the team were investigating a day room at the end of a ward, in which we were the only team.  We suddenly heard footsteps so loudly coming up towards the room, we thought they were another team.  Straight after that, the motion detector in front of us was triggered!  Upon investigation, there was no-one else in the ward.  You can see for yourself here on the footage we caught where the footsteps actually shake the camera which was on a tripod: